Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Christian Spiritual Direction is the practice whereby one person helps another to pay attention to God, and to God’s presence, voice, and sanctifying work in his or her life. As the two disciples on the road to Emmaus experienced (Luke 24), it is the shared noticing of Jesus, revealed in Scripture and the daily events of a walk and a meal, attended to in feelings of disappointment and hope, of joy and burning hearts.

Spiritual direction is God-oriented rather than goal-oriented–giving one’s attention to God rather than to a particular problem that needs to be fixed or behavior that needs to be modified. It is responsive rather than directive, listening together to the Holy Spirit’s presence and ways rather than the director telling the directee what to do. It is about listening with–together noticing senses of God’s voice and direction–rather than talking to. It occurs in an atmosphere of loving trust; trusting that God is for us (not against us), in love, and that God’s work over time is about transforming us into the image of Christ, through the loving shaping of his Holy Spirit, so that we might live life fully, and to the Father’s glory.

Spiritual direction meetings between a director and directee usually occur once a month, for an hour each time.

Spiritual direction occurs in an atmosphere of prayerful listening. Often beginning and ending in silent prayer, to create an awareness of God’s presence with the director and directee, it’s common for the director to ask a directee to return to a few moments of silence in the middle of a session, again to clear away the clutter of talk and notice more deeply what the Holy Spirit may be saying.

Spiritual Direction conversations include all the “stuff” of ordinary life–vocation, relationships, circumstances, health, the life of worship and prayer and service, joys and sorrows, boredoms and adventures–and seek to notice God’s presence, work, and invitations in the midst of those.

Begin by praying. God, who is stirring this desire in you, is also working to meet that desire!

Then prayerfully make contact with potential directors, by email and/ or by phone. Ask them about their theology of spiritual direction—how do they understand what happens in the direction session? How do they try to pay attention to God’s presence? What might regular times with them look like? As you listen to their answers, notice what goes in your own internal reactions. Is there a particular director with whom you feel a desire and freedom to share more deeply? Do you sense this as a relationship where already, in your back-and-forth conversation, there’s an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence and leading?

Once you identify a potential director, set up a time to meet. (Although in-person direction is preferable, some directors do offer direction by phone or skype.) Unless it’s clear right away that this isn’t what or who you want, you’ll meet a further one to two times, before together discerning if this is a direction relationship that the Lord is inviting you into. Then you’ll commit to a period of time together, usually a year, before further evaluation.

Clarify with the director where you will meet, how often, and how you will offer financial compensation for his or her ministry. (Some directors request a particular amount, others suggest a scale based on your ability and freedom to give, others are covered already by their ministry organization. Do be prepared to offer something, either to them or to their ministry organization, for this is a ministry for which people have invested time and money in training, and your contribution enables them to give time to it.)

Listing of Spiritual Directors

As a service to those seeking spiritual direction, LTI provides a listing of people who have received a Certificate of Completion of training in LTI’s Selah Certificate in Spiritual Direction Program. They are “trained” spiritual directors, not “certified” spiritual directors (there’s no certifying oversight body in the U.S. so claims of being “certified spiritual directors” are misleading). Because there’s no certifying body, the only guarantee we may make is that those listed here have completed their training in good standing, with some measure of discernment as to their desire and call to offer the ministry of spiritual direction. Confirmation of that call is granted by the Holy Spirit, and is experienced through the Spirit’s work in the director and their practice in the context of the community of faith, and ultimately only you and the director will know if you are a good match for each other. Each person listed here is individually responsible as a solo practitioner, and not employed by LTI in their role as a spiritual director. By accessing and using this list to connect with a spiritual director, you understand and agree that LTI is in no way responsible for the acts, omissions, or services of any of the members listed, and we make no guarantee that any individual here will be a good match for you. Finally, this list is intended to help you connect with a spiritual director. Please do not use this for any other purposes.

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Jovin Adjeitey

Jovin Adjeitey

Houston, TX

offered - in person, Facetime, Zoom

Jovin is from Ghana, West Africa and serves in ministry with InterVarsity in the Red River Region (TX, OK, AR, LA). Though her master’s degree (University of Houston) is in Hospitality, things took a turn when the Lord led her in a different kind of hospitality than expected. She cares deeply about serving the nations here in America. It has been a thrilling journey as she lives in a different culture (USA) and serve many cultures. She spends her workdays now serving in the area of Spiritual Formation and Prayer and delights to lead others to experience God’s life-changing love and power through the ministries of prayer, the Word, and attentive listening. She trained as a Spiritual Director through Leadership Transformations’ Selah Certificate Program. For fun, she enjoys a good cup of tea and loves to express hospitality through cooking for others.

Kim Alexander

Charlotte, NC

offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

Kim, a program faculty member for LTI, has a passion for empowering others to intentionally grow deeper roots and live authentic lives in the fullness of their relationship with Christ. She also delights in offering a 12-month contemplative mentoring journey, spiritual direction, facilitation of soul care retreats and soul care for businesses/teams. She is co-founder of Women Investing In Leadership Development (WiiLD), a non-profit that grows and develops women in leadership to impact the world for Christ. She resides in Charlotte, NC where she shares life and love with her husband, Bishop Claude Alexander, Jr. and their two daughters.

Maureen Alianza

Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 509-4823
offered - in person, phone, Zoom

 Maureen is a trained Spiritual Director through the Selah Program sponsored by Leadership Transformation Inc. She finds the contemplative setting a rich one for quieting and listening. She enjoys cultivating this setting and finds it to be a gentle place for experiencing the nearness and guidance of God. She also works as an RN in Phoenix’s inner city with vulnerable populations. Maureen co-founded a non-profit organizing with her husband that has worked for the past 18 year with an underserved tribal group in the Philippines.

Amy Alves

Amy Alves

Oxford, MA

offered - in person, Facetime, Zoom

Throughout my life, getting to know God and listening to others has been a part of who I am. I have a background in Life Coaching through the AACC and also cherish my experience going through Selah’s spiritual direction certificate program. It’s a joy for me to companion people on their personal journey with Jesus; watching and responding to His loving invitations! When I’m not providing spiritual direction I love savoring quality ice cream, being out in nature, and spending time with my husband and four beautiful children.

Claire Andrews

Christiansburg, VA

offered - in person, Facetime, Skype
Claire is a Spiritual Director currently residing in Christiansburg, Virginia. Claire has been in ministry for twenty years and recently stepped away from a church staff position to pursue a long-term calling to open a retreat house. Claire and her husband, Chris, hope to open Kerith Retreat somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains in late 2021. Claire’s passionate about helping others lean into the triune God, listening to the One who loves us dearly and who will give us direction if we will become still enough to hear Him.

Gil Banton

Columbia, CT

(804) 994-4098

Rev. Gil Banton is a full time campus missionary and part time spiritual director. He and his family live in Connecticut and enjoys all things outdoors. He discovered the contemplative stream of meeting with God during a pivotal time in his life and remains thankful that he can continue to grow closer to God. He enjoys helping people deeply connect with God.

Jonathan Bourbeau

Jonathan Bourbeau

offered - phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

Since 1993, I have been working in Latvia with Greater Europe Mission. Church planting, student ministry, leadership and discipleship training are some of the ministries I have been involved in. During the last few years, my focus has been to help others flourish in all aspects of life and ministry: to be a Barnabas to Pauls and a Jonathan to Davids. My greatest passion is to see people deepen their relationship with God which is the foundation for everything else. Enter spiritual direction. I am so thankful to journey together with others as they walk with Jesus.

Robbie Brooks

Phoenix, AZ

(602) 690-9002
offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

Robbie has a life-long passion for discipleship that began 50 years ago during her 2 decades as a Cru staff member. Seeing God’s heart to change lives is what motivated her to pursue an MA in counseling at Phoenix Seminary. She has led women’s ministry in 3 churches by resourcing women towards deeper commitments to Christ. Robbie is a trained Spiritual Director, Enneagram Coach, and retired associate pastor called to companion those desiring to notice and listen to God in a quiet, safe and sacred space–identifying God’s voice and movement in their life to be transformed into Christ’s likeness.

Chris Chandler

Christopher Chandler

Ormond Beach , Fl

offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

As a Pastor and Spiritual Director my longing is to invite those in life’s orbit into a soul transforming, interior renovating, life giving, relationship with Jesus Christ. Inviting people who are far off from God to be a part of Christ’s family… Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whether you are in a season of discernment, seeking to become more sensitive to the Spirit’s promptings, desiring to plumb the depths of soul, wrestling with the Lord in a hard season, or just honestly curious about Christianity, I encourage you to make time to visit with a Spiritual Director.

Tiffany Chen

Tiffany Chen

Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

offered - in person, Facetime, Zoom

I am a Selah graduate of 2016-2018. Presently, I’ve retired from secular career and also recently completed my serving term of a church deacon. Grateful to be able to focus more on spiritual direction ministry. Will be delighted to companion online or in person, someone who rather use their mother tongue, Mandarin or Cantonese.

Julie Commander

Auburn, AL

(334) 704-8188
offered - in person, phone, Skype

For me, spiritual direction is similar to going home once a month – I get to sit on the front porch with my Dear Ones and have an unhurried conversation about how we are doing together. In sessions with directees, I seek to be a gentle companion, holding the door open for recognizing and responding to God’s movement in their lives. My background includes a Masters in Agency Counseling and work as a bereavement counselor. I enjoy reading, gardening, experiencing spiritual community, and spending time with our family of young adults and their spouses.

David Deters

Hudsonville, MI

(616) 340-2432
offered - in person, phone, Zoom

David has been an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church since 1979, retiring from pastoral ministry in 2018. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Calvin College, a Master of Divinity degree from Calvin Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

David received his training in Leadership Transformation’s Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction, and offers direction under an ongoing relationship with a supervisor and by participating in a peer supervision group. He abides by the Code of Ethics of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association.

Brenda Dinell

Chandler, Arizona

offered - by phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, In person

Brenda’s passion is to facilitate spiritual formation in others as a companion on their journey. She has a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Formation from Phoenix Seminary where she is completing her Doctor of Ministry degree. Brenda is a trained Spiritual Director who graduated from Leadership Transformation Inc.’s Selah Program. Brenda is a member of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association. She is available for in-person Spiritual Direction in the Phoenix area or online or by phone.

Toni Donnelly

Phoenix, AZ

offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Phone

Spiritual Director, Enneagram Coach, Retreat/Workshop Leader/Speaker: Toni is a trained Spiritual Director who graduated from the SELAH Program sponsored by Leadership Transformation Inc. Toni’s passion is to create a safe and sacred space to listen well and to accompany individuals who desire to notice what God is doing in their lives, deepen their relationship with God and explore spiritual discipline practices that refresh and renew their love for God. Toni lives in Phoenix and is available to provide spiritual direction face to face, through a zoom platform, or by phone.

Drake Dowsett

Bridgeport, CT

offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

Drake Dowsett is a software engineer based in New York City and currently resides in Connecticut with his wife Kirstin. He received his training in spiritual direction through Selah, Leadership Transformation’s certificate program. Drake longs to see the church flourish at the intersection of spiritual maturity, emotional & mental health, and authentic expression of lament and joy, feast and fasting. He is particularly attuned to issues around family of origin, spiritual abuse, and sexuality.

Mukololo wa Luvhalani
Dr. Taki Dube

Durban, South Africa

+27 81 393-3241
(081) 393-3241 (in South Africa)
offered - in person, phone, Zoom

Dr Taki Dube is a Medical Practitioner. Recognizing that Mis-Alignment of Spirit and Soul causes Physical disease, Dr Taki Dube has Committed herself to use every Medical Consultation as an opportunity for Spiitual Direction. For those who are well physically but just want to nature their relationship with God, Dr Dube is also available to provide a Hospitable, Loving and Attentive Safe Space for the Directee to encounter God.

All life is Spiritual and being able to have a fluent Conversation with the Father is a Birthright. Come, Let et us Hear How the Father wishes to Love on you.

Carolann Rusiniak Duffin

Dallas, TX

offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

My journey of walking alongside others began thirty years ago within a church sponsored Al-Anon recovery program. This is the place where I caught a vision for how a grace filled safe space can be fertile ground for the Lord to transform. I find such deep joy in seeing hearts be mended, images of God be changed, and lives be redeemed. What a joy it is for me to sit with another while they offer up the honest state of their soul, seeking to hear from the Lord, and witnessing the miraculous work of a transformed life.

Gail Edmonson

Katy, TX

offered- in person, Zoom

Gail is passionate about offering opportunities for others to know and encounter Christ in meaningful ways. As a spiritual director, she offers a welcoming, secure space to unpack the things on your heart. In conversations about your thoughts and feelings, relationships with others, and your relationship with God, together you will listen for God’s ways, desires, and invitations. Gail previously served on her church staff as Director of Leadership Development and subsequently as Director of Spiritual Formation. She now serves full-time in spiritual direction and soul care. She is a member of ESDA – an association of Christ-centered Spiritual Directors.

Lori Ferrell

Vero Beach, Florida

(772) 696-4452
offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

Originally from Oklahoma I have lived in Southeast Asia for over twelve years. My husband, two boys and I recently relocated from Chiang Mai, Thailand to our home in Vero Beach, Florida. I completed Selah’s two year Spiritual direction training program in May 2018. For the last four years I have been practicing Spiritual Direction as a way of coming alongside those interested in seeking to make space to hear the still small voice and with a longing for engaging the deeper journey. Our first session together is free so you can discern if we are a good fit.

Elizabeth Fitch

McLean, VA

(703) 489-5005
offered - in person, phone, Zoom

 I find spiritual direction awesome in the true sense of that word. The longer I practice, the deeper grows my confidence that God is always working for good in the ordinary day-to-dayness of our lives and that, if we ask and listen attentively together, God will gently and gladly direct. My husband Wray and I live in McLean, Virginia, and attend Restoration Anglican Church. We have three adult children and eight grandchildren. In my free time, I enjoy writing, photography, and exploring the enneagram. For more information, please visit my website: www.elizabethfitch.com.

Dwight Fox


(412) 327-6407
offered - in person

I believe it to be a great privilege and a sacred calling to be invited to accompany another on his or her spiritual journey. My passion is for believers to grow in Christ, listening and looking for, hearing and seeing, and responding to the movement of the Holy Spirit. I enjoy reading, intimate conversation, and hiking, where I can experience the wonder of God’s creation in various landscapes and am particularly able to discern His voice.

Mike Garry

Brainerd, MN

(218) 209-2031
offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

I have a passion for God and people and enjoy seeing people grow and learn to love God. When not in direction with others, I’m often found outdoors on two wheels, tinkering in the garage, reading or hanging out with people, especially my wife and daughter. Wherever you’re at in your journey, I’d love to have a conversation with you about what the Lord is doing in your life.

Ann Gemmel

Ann T. Gemmel

Wheaton, IL

(630) 251-4854
offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

 As a woman who has journeyed with Jesus for over 40 years, Ann’s life continues to be deeply transformed by the wonders of the gospel and feels called by the Lord to companion others in their pursuit of God’s heart through the practice of contemplative spiritual direction. She is also trained in Ignatian spiritual practices. Ann is a wife, mother of 5, and Gigi of 7. Ann finds joy in lively conversation with friends old and new over a good cup of coffee or tea, long walks in nature, and getting lost in a good book.

Debbie Gill

Griffin, GA

offered - in person, phone, Zoom

Since my 12-month, 12-country spiritual adventure (in 2014-15), investigating persons who had an intimate relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit and who led communities of transformation, I have been leading pilgrimages annually and growing in the practices of various Christian spiritualities, especially, Ignatian, Celtic, Teresian, and that of the Desert Fathers and Mothers.

In the past, I have served as a senior pastor, missionary, seminary professor, and denominational leader of discipleship. In this season, my primary foci are spiritual formation and soul care, offering spiritual direction and leading Sherpa: Guidance for the Spiritual Climb (visit SherpaClimb.org).

Sherri Grady

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Not taking new directees currently

Since 1993, my vocation has been in areas of soul care/spiritual formation in the venues of providing psychotherapy, counseling, youth ministry, teaching, supervision, and writing. I was formally introduced to the practice of spiritual direction in 2012. Since then- meeting with my spiritual director has been an essential part of soul care that has been, and continues to be, a gift from God. I recently completed Selah’s Spiritual Direction Program and am excited to offer this companioning gift to others. To know a little more about me, please visit my websites – www.sherrigrady.com and www.heartofsoulcare.com

Corbett Heimburger

St.Louis, MO

(314) 281-9723
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Zoom
My name is Corbett Heimburger. I am a pastor and Selah-trained Spiritual Director. What amazes me is that God reaches us where we are, no matter how broken we may be. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me.” Jesus understands us so well that he whispers words that will awaken, renew and call us forward. My calling is to companion a seeker of God as she or he learns to sense God’s presence and love, hear his invitations and know the sweetness of surrender to God. I welcome spending an hour with you.

Roger Hornbeck

Phoenix, AZ

offered - in person, Skype, Zoom

Spiritual direction offers a safe space in a hurried, word-filled world, to pause, listen, and become present to ourself and God. It is an honor to walk with those on this journey of discovery. I love helping others develop spiritual habits and draw closer to God as they become like Jesus for the sake of others.
Sharon and I were married in 1974, have four adult children and nine grandchildren. We have served as pastors since 1980 and currently reside in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. I have a Master of Divinity from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, have been trained as a Spiritual Director through Selah, a Certificate Program from Leadership Transformations, and I am presently working on a DMin with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation at Phoenix Seminary. I am available for Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Formation Coaching sessions either in person in Glendale or by Skype or Zoom.

Meg Howard

Puerto Rico

(617) 605-1152
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

 I am a trained spiritual director who seeks to offer a safe and nurturing space to explore what is going on in the very personal realm of one’s heart, mind, and soul. I am committed to helping others recognize the presence and leading of God in their lives. Spiritual direction is confidential and respectful. I seek to discern the Spirit’s leading alongside you. I respect each man or woman deeply and hope to serve as an encouraging companion for each person’s sacred journey with God. Please learn more at: meghoward.com

Cheri Hudspith

Cheri Hudspith

Flower Mound, TX

(972) 827-6691
offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

Are you a leader wondering if you need a place to enjoy and notice God in your story? Do you have a place where you can honestly explore your life, your points of wrestling, and your faith-filled longings? Cheri would love to invite you to experience the goodness of listening to God together. She has discovered that Spiritual Direction helps herself and others to experience God’s love through things like releasing what not longer belongs and receiving what the Lord generously wants to give. She would enjoy visiting with you about your interest in Spiritual Direction.

Dan Huie

Seattle, WA

(206) 235-4107
offered - in person, phone, Skype

“…on terms of friendship with God”, is how St Teresa of Avila describes prayer. Through spiritual direction we explore the beauty and mystery of all that God’s invitation offers us and how we might respond. I came to spiritual direction striving after what I needed to do. I found God inviting me to do less; to rest, to be loved. My journey has given me a passion for serving church leaders, the LGBT community, and anyone wanting to receive their belovedness. Big plusses in my life are hiking, skiing, flowers, my wife Renee and our two adult sons.

Renee Huie

Seattle, WA

(206) 784-3814
offered - in person, phone, Skype

For as long as I can remember, my heart’s desire has been to be with other’s in their spiritual journey. My own journey has fueled a deep knowing of God’s unconditional love that I long to share with others. I am passionate about developing the ministry that both my husband and I are involved in with offering spiritual direction and the Spiritual Exercises. I also enjoy being social, working on puzzles, reading and all things outdoors. Dan and I have two grown sons.

Pamela Kudlick

Sacramento, CA

offered - in phone, Facetime, Zoom

Kate Laymon

Citrus Heights, CA

(805) 996-0841
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Zoom

I aim to create an open, authentic, hospitable space for you to explore the dynamics of your relationship with God. My hope is that through spiritual direction you would experience the love of God more deeply and become more fully and simply yourself.
I am a wife and mother of two young children and my own journey has been punctuated by periods of doubt, depression, and darkness, as well as redemption, increasing joy and an ever deepening sense that I am loved unconditionally.
I’d love to be a friend for wherever you find yourself on your journey.

Leslea Linebarger

Southborough, MA

(508) 624-0802

“Take off your shoes, for this is holy ground.” This is how it feels in spiritual direction as I walk alongside others and watch them discover God’s love anew. Even pain and doubt can be redeemed as God weaves our messy threads into something of beauty. A 2013 graduate of Selah, I currently serve on the Guidance Team of epiphany New England, an online community of spiritual directors. I offer direction in person and online and also find life through kayaking, bird watching, and choral singing. We are blessed with children and now grandchildren, with whom I enjoy doing anything.

Clara Louie

Ardmore, PA

(610) 348-8905
offered - in person, Skype, Zoom

My calling is to come alongside others to help them recognize that they are already deeply loved by the Triune God! As a spiritual director, I hope to provide that sacred space for individuals to hear and to receive that pronouncement, “You are my beloved!” over and over again in their life circumstances, along their spiritual journeys, and in the deep core of their being. And out of that core identity in Christ, they may live, move, have their being, and respond to God’s calling for them with freedom, boldness, love and gratitude.

Owen Lovejoy

Black Mountain, NC

offered - Skype, Zoom

My wife and I have lived in the mountains of North Carolina for 45 years. I have pastored churches and done chaplaincy work. I currently work with a mission in Honduras. My passions include teaching inductive Bible study and leading others on the journey to God’s heart. My wife and I love hiking, growing flowers and hugging grandchildren.

Becky Magnuson

Columbia, SC

offered - in person, Zoom

My passion is to companion with others on their journey with the triune God and to come alongside them as they discover His personal offer of love and overflowing hope (Romans 15:13).

I first encountered contemplative practices over 20 years ago. God’s Presence and guidance have provided a firm foundation to my roles in the corporate world, in ministry, and as a wife.

Since 2000 I have been in vocational ministry, living and serving internationally in a variety of roles. Currently based in Columbia, South Carolina, I offer spiritual direction to cross-cultural workers and the local Christian community.

John March

Eden Prairie, MN

offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

I’m married with four kids and I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I’ve worked as a missionary, college pastor, church planter, and now I primarily give my time to praying with people in Spiritual Direction. I feel deep gratitude that I get to sit with people in this holy space and listen together for the voice of the Spirit. You can read more about me on the linked website. I’d be honored to meet and pray with you!

Susan Marks

Charlottesville, VA

offered - in person, Zoom

What a privilege it is to enter sacred space to seek God on behalf of another soul! God has used the ministry of spiritual direction to tune my heart to His very real and loving Presence. My prayer is that those whom I companion will likewise experience God’s Presence and love, discern God’s invitations, and be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to walk into their calling.

“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you.”— Ephesians 1:18a

Sylvia McGuire

Colorado Springs, CO

offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

As a watercolor artist who loves beauty, adventure, and Jesus, I enjoy creative ways of experiencing God daily. My primary practice is that of spiritual direction, and within this practice I coach people in the Enneagram as well as lead creative soul care retreats and guide people through the 9-month “retreat in everyday life” called The Ignatian Exercises. My desire is to companion you in an increased awareness of the beautiful ways that God has created you uniquely, in the image of the Trinity, as you seek to be transformed daily into wholeness.

Amy McLaughlin

Austin, TX

offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

Raised by a single mom in the 70’s and 80’s, Amy saw God provide in personal ways. One of those provisions was a spiritual director. Receiving direction in her formative years was the reverent means by which God paved the way for trust to form. After a family crisis, God used spiritual direction many years later to invite surrender and renewal, to make a way for trust to bond her to the one who made her from all the fullness of his heart. Amy can’t get over the privilege of learning to companion others toward transforming trust in God.

Kimberly Mervyn


(780) 978-4838
offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

Doug Mitts

Frankfurt, Germany

offered - in person, Skype, Facetime

I have served in missions in many capacities over the past 30 years, and as such, I have developed a love for God’s Kingdom servants. I enjoy sitting in spiritual direction with both missions and ministry leaders as they face the challenges unique to their life and calling. I understand their need for a gracious, safe and prayerful space, open to explore God’s ways in their lives and ministries. I love being married to my wife as well as interacting with our two adult children. My academic background includes a ThM and a DMin.

Lisa Mitts

Frankfurt, Germany

+ 49 176 232 73487 or 817-230-4916
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Zoom

My dearest friend and husband (Doug Mitts) and I have been in vocational ministry in Europe for 31 years. We currently live in Frankfurt, Germany serving with Greater Europe Mission. We have two adult children Megan and Michael who both live in the U.S.
Spiritual Direction is making space for prayerful listening to the One who is always with us. I enjoy companioning with others listening to them share their spiritual journey; helping them pay attention to our God’s presence, voice, and activity in their lives, deepening their awareness of the invitations He is extending to them.

Tamara Murphy

Bridgeport, CT

offered - in person, phone, Skype, Zoom

Tamara Hill Murphy lives with her husband Brian, an Anglican priest, in Bridgeport, CT. She is a freelance writer and a Spiritual Director and is currently learning how to parent her four adult children. One of Tamara’s greatest honors is to bear witness to the invitations the Holy Spirit gives God’s children to become more like Jesus and more like the true self their Creator has always imagined for the sake of the whole world.

David Nichols

David Nichols

Bryan, TX

(979) 402-6040
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Zoom

As a missionary with OMF for almost 35 years (the first 26 in Asia), I have a particular passion to walk with those in cross-cultural ministry and in other supported type of ministries. I also have a heart for those involved in or training for a ministry of theological education since we started and led a Seminary in the Philippines for many years. I am willing to meet via zoom, skype or your preferred app and in person.

Brenda Nickerson

Surrey, BC, Canada

offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

As a Canadian born, naturalized American, God has traveled with me through much transition and has been “my portion” on the journey. Being in a youth ministry/missionary calling with my husband, I find joy in walking alongside younger believers and women in any season in life or ministry. Especially with recent significant shifts in our world many are feeling the need for discernment and deepening. If you’d like to seek the Lord together for such a time as this on your journey, I invite you to connect. I currently live near Vancouver, Canada, offering spiritual direction online or in person.

Vicki Niebrugge

Ann Arbor, Michigan

offered - in person, phone, Zoom

Spiritual direction provides someone to walk with you in your spiritual journey; a companion to help you notice the often-subtle interior movement of God in your life that is so often missed as we go through life accomplishing goals, raising a family, and serving our neighbors. My intention is to walk with you as your intimacy with God grows. The spiritual direction training I received was through Leadership Transformation’s Selah program, and my academic background includes a master’s degree in Spiritual Formation, a J.D., and an in-process DMin, also in spiritual formation.

Andrew G. Osmun

New Haven, CT

Cell: 203-804-4190
Home: 203-283-9071
offered - in person, phone, Skype, written correspondence

A follower, disciple of Jesus since 1971. Episcopal Priest. Selah Graduate 2011. Trustee of Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders. Member, Fellowship of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE). Advocacy in Criminal Legal reform organizations. Family is Criminal Legal system impacted.

Served Episcopal Churches in McKeesport, PA, Chester, Vermont, Milford, CT, Bridgeport, CT and East Haven, CT.

Books that reflect my heart: Solace of Fierce Landscapes by Belden C. Lane, You Set My Spirit Free, A 40 day journey with John of the Cross, by David Hazard, The Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Donna Otto

Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona, USA

(602) 363-3083
offered - in person, phone, Zoom

Certified Enneagram Consultant

Rhea Patton

Rhea Patton

Colorado Springs, CO

(719) 306-4929
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom
* Not taking new directees currently

Rhea Patton has served as a spiritual director to pastors and lay Christians for more than 20 years. She is experienced in leading Bible studies, facilitating retreats, and introducing spiritual practices and group spiritual direction. Rhea is a graduate of Selah (Leadership Transformations, Inc.), and serves on their faculty as a supervisor of spiritual director interns-in-training. Her history with Selah (LTI) has provided a wealth of learning, a deep contemplative space from which to delight in the Lord and accompany others, and the gift of empathetic and collaborative companions on the journey. (Certificate in Spiritual Direction: Selah, Leadership Transformations, MA)

Celah Pence

Harrisonburg, VA,

(540) 246-9182
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

I live in Virginia, in sight of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I am a piano teacher, spiritual director, and mother of four adult children. It is a sacred privilege to sit in spiritual direction with another believer, listening to her story. God is present and participating in this conversation. As we become silent and attentive to Him, He begins to reveal Himself and His ways. Directees may discover lost or hidden things: longing, resistance, hurt, fear, unobserved growth, a new sense of belonging and purpose… God directs this meaningful process.

Jason "JP" Philipose

Cedar Park, TX

offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

JP’s passion is to walk alongside others as they grow their desire to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. He serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as the Director of Spiritual Formation and Prayer for the Red River region. He completed his spiritual direction certification through the Selah program of Leadership Transformation Inc. He serves as a spiritual director with the Lumen Center for Mission and Spirituality. JP lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Ruby, and their two children. He enjoys playing basketball, being in nature and trying out new food spots in Austin.

Joanna Polarek

Port Jervis, New York

(808) 226-5589
offered - in person, Facetime, Zoom

Hello! My name is Joanna. I recently completed my certificate in Spiritual Direction. This journey has deepened my faith and love for my relationship with our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I work in the Spiritual Life Development Department for The Salvation Army Eastern Territorial Headquarters. Providing spiritual direction within my field is a gift. They complement each other with my passion for sharing and encouraging others to connect in their faith with spiritual practices and rhythms. I love spending time with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy reading, working out, and eating a good meal with friends.

Linda Rankin

San Diego, CA

(619) 213-3610
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Zoom

Linda is a licensed minister who has been in full time ministry at the local church level for 12 years. She currently serves as the Care and Prayer Pastor at EastLake Church in San Diego. In addition to being trained as a Contemplative Director, Linda is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. SE is a modality that helps work with the stuck energy of trauma in the body in a way that is supported and titrated in order to not re-traumatize the individual. She offers both in her practice.

Cinde Rawn

Plano, TX

offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime

I came to spiritual direction out of a desire to find a spacious place where God could speak into my life, unhindered by distraction. The peace, clarity, and joy I found brought me to train as a spiritual director to help others find their spacious place for the Holy Spirit to speak into their lives, encountering God in transformational ways. I consider myself a companion in discernment, helping attend to the work God has already begun in you in the process of becoming more fully who He intends you to be. I’m honored to share this transformational journey with you.

Constanze Ring

Vienna, Austria

offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

Originally from Germany, I enjoy living in Vienna, Austria together with my husband and my three children. I am a social worker currently working with senior citizens.
In spiritual direction, I love to offer a safe space to talk about and reflect what God is doing in the directee’s life. It’s a great joy to witness how God again and again meets directees with His love and to see lives transformed.

LuAnn Roberson

Scottsdale, AZ

(602) 803-0895
offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

Raquel Rogers

Fuquay Varina, NC

offered - in person, Facetime, Zoom

I discovered the gift of silence and listening in a group setting. An awakening started that led towards a deep journey of transformation, then a strong call to the ministry of spiritual direction. I am passionate about the spiritual journey, how God transforms us, and the humbling joyful gift of walking in discernment with others. As I have encountered many hardships and transitions in life, God has been revealing how He is present to me – sometimes in the most unlikely places. I am a contemplative mom in seminary, with a spunky life filled family, loving others along the way.

Debbie Sanders

Farmville, VA

offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime

Debbie Sanders offers contemplative spiritual direction to ministers, missionary couples & lay leaders. As a very seasoned Christian leader, she is available to help you with hearing God’s voice. She has deep experience in Christian ministry: leading mission trips, working with US military families and young people, and serving with Young Life while living and traveling internationally. With her husband, Debbie is working to create a retreat centre on a small farm in southern Virginia called The Shepherd’s Tavern. She teaches as an adjunct professor at Judson University (IL) where she also earned a Master of Leadership in Ministry.

Laura Strunk

Maryville, TN

offered - in person

The heart of Spiritual Direction is intimacy with God. He speaks in deeply personal ways, but distinguishing His Voice amidst the cacophony of others is challenging. Spiritual Direction creates sacred space to grow in familiarity with that Voice, its tones of delight and compassion which are ours through the abiding work of Jesus Christ. I’ve had the privilege of companioning others through various ministry vehicles over the last 15 years (Young Life, the church, etc.), and my one constant has been a posture of contemplative listening. Having a front row seat to someone’s growing intimacy with Jesus never gets old!

Ghandi Thompson

Harrisonburg, VA,

(242) 825-0954
offered - in person, phone, Facetime, Zoom

In 2014 I made a recommitment to serve God full-time. This decision to allow God into every space of my life led me on a journey towards deeper discernment, more passion for God and family, less doing and more being, a doctorate studies at seminary, and later certification in spiritual direction through Selah, Leadership Transformation. Discerning God’s voice has been transformational; changing me from being a busy, overwhelmed executive. Today living at a slower pace, I find joy in life’s simple pleasures. My desire now is to help others discern God’s voice and follow his invitation for their life’s path.

Allison Todd

Waco, TX

(254) 715-3324
offered - in person

As a spiritual director, it is my joy to listen with you as you interact with God! Jesus promised us oneness with the Trinity, as Beloved and Lover…..but what that oneness means, as well as the path and pace of that union, can sometimes be slow and mysterious. A spiritual director is one of the companions to walk alongside you in that journey. My background is serving on church staff and overseas as a missionary for more than 25 years. I have done various trainings in prayer, contemplative practices, and recently completed a two-year course from the Soul Care Institute.

Candice Cohlmia Unger

Flower Mound, TX

offered - in person

My passion is to accompany others on their journey with God, through the unique practice of Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction is a ministry of sacred listening and conversation in the loving presence of the Spirit of God; and can be a vital and rich part of one’s spiritual formation and growth. I received my training in Spiritual Direction from Selah – Leadership Transformations, Inc. – Certificate Program for Spiritual Direction. I am married to my precious husband, Mike, and mom to our adorable fur babies Huxley and Hattie.

Catherine Warner

Mount Pleasant, SC

(843) 478-8036
offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

Proverbs 25:2 reveals that it is a glorious journey to seek out the things of God and to hear him for ourselves and to know Him. In community with a companion it seems we gain clarity we sometimes miss alone. I love hearing God for myself but with others that joy is multiplied. Making space to listen and wonder and hear together never gets old. I have been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years: currently I serve on the staff of an Anglican church where my husband is the rector. Our three wonderful kids are grown and flown.

Nina Whitnah

Paoli, PA

offered - in person, phone, Skype, Facetime

I come to the practice of Spiritual Direction from a rich experience of spiritual companionship I have found in small groups and one-on-one friendships. Cultivating the dimension of shared, focused attention on behalf of another person is a natural progression for me of a style of relating that I have nurtured in my life; I see it as a deep, sweet privilege.

I completed a Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders in 2010 at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; my project thesis explored spiritual formation during wilderness times. I finished training as a spiritual director in 2012 through Selah.

David Wu

Houston, TX

(832) 525-5692
offered - in person, Zoom

David Wu is the Executive Director of the Mosaic Center for Spiritual Formation, a Christian ministry committed to serving those who serve under-served communities, and to promoting spiritual theology and practice informed by how diverse peoples of the world are being transformed in Christ’s image. He is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a senior faculty member of Selah. David is passionate about creating prayerful and hospitable space for others to listen to God, serving the under-served, and biblical reconciliation. For fun, David enjoys long hikes, playing the guitar, gluten-free cooking, and pulling weeds.

Ted Wueste

Phoenix, AZ

offered - in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom

I have a deep desire to see others spiritually formed through a deepening intimacy with the Trinity. For me, providing a safe place to prayerfully explore how God is leading and at work is the core of spiritual direction. Having served as a pastor for over 25 years, I have a heart for pastors and ministry leaders. Knowing the unique challenges they face, I value and cherish the opportunity to walk alongside ministry leaders in direction. My academic training includes a MDiv, STM, and DMin.