Spiritual Discernment for Teams

At Leadership Transformations, we recognize that every ministry team is unique…in their design, setting, approach, and objective. As a result, when LTI comes alongside leadership teams in a variety of settings – in local churches, parachurch ministries, mission agencies, schools, etc. – we bring our own unique design, approach and objective for spiritual discernment processes, and align our resources to each team we serve. We have templates to offer, and a plethora of helpful tools to use, but it’s never the same process per setting…all due to our desire to listen attentively to each team’s unique needs. We have seen over and over again that spiritual discernment for teams must be preceded and accompanied by how well we as leaders prayerfully discern the presence and power of God. Therefore, LTI is fully equipped to facilitate team retreats and discussions around growth in personal discernment, with the conviction that how well we discern in our individual “prayer closets” affects how we will discern around board and leadership tables. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can serve your team, be sure to contact us and we’ll commence the experience together!

More Resources

DIY Retreat: Interested in getting away for a day on silent retreat during your Sabbatical but don’t know what to do or how to structure the time? Check out these downloadable retreat resources that will help you make the most of a half-day or full-day retreat on your own or with your team.

Questions?: Can we come alongside you as you consider planning your Sabbatical? It would be our privilege. Call us at (877) TEAM LTI or e-mail us to discover how LTI can help you discern God’s unique invitation for your time away.

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