Mar 27 2021


Eastern Time
10:00 am - 1:00 pm



Spiritual Discernment

God graciously speaks to us his beloved children. But how do we recognize the voice of Jesus apart from all the competing voices in our minds and in our lives? In this interactive online workshop, we draw insights from the Scriptures and explore principles of discernment taught by Ignatius of Loyola that will help us grow to better discern God’s will and direction in our lives.

Online via ZOOM

Sat, Mar 27 2021, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (Eastern Time)

David Wu


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"The teaching was excellent. I found the challenges to discernment helpful for identifying my fear of putting words in God's mouth (presumption). Also it was helpful to reconsider silence as an invitation to hear God speak on His own terms. I am encouraged that God wishes to speak with me!"
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"The material- specifically discerning the Inner Witness of the Spirit from other voices was super helpful for me. And also naming the reasons for unbelief/distrust/fear- super helpful to acknowledge & unpack. Also- Loved the small group time!"
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"The invitation to the spiritual discernment Workshop came on a day I was grieving over my performance as a Christian counselor. The Lord knew the encouragement I needed to send this invite to my inbox. I left with Clarity on my struggle and renewed confidence in the Lord that he wants me to Soldier on and serve others in the Holy Spirit's power. To trust Him with the outcomes! I also received confirmation via scripture the day after at church from Proverbs 3 5 & 6 (the Message, I think?) exactly the scripture (and translation) David began and ended with at the workshop. Heartfelt thanks!"
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"I was moved and humbled by David's story of decision making using community discernment. I instantly saw this as an antidote to how so many organizations make decisions. Not only does it model genuine transparency, but embodies trust in people and God. While most organizations that i have been a part of are quite a ways away from such trust and honesty, it gives us all something to work toward."
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David Wu

Selah Senior Faculty, Emmaus Faculty

David serves as Senior Faculty of Selah, LTI’s Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction, and Emmaus, LTI’s Certificate Program in Formational Leadership. He is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.,’11) and Selah. Prior to his ministry with LTI, David was involved with overseas missions in East Asia, church planting, and pastoral ministry in the local church. David is passionate about creating prayerful and hospitable space for others to listen to God, whether through leading worship corporately, facilitating soul care retreats, or one-on-one spiritual direction. For fun, David enjoys long hikes, playing the guitar, gluten-free cooking, and pulling weeds. David and his wife and three kids make their home in Sugar Land, Texas. “I first encountered LTI at a soul care retreat during a very low point in my life and ministry. LTI was my spiritual paramedic at just the right time. Today I am so grateful to serve with this incredible team of loving and compassionate soul care-givers.

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Mitzi Mak

Selah-West Faculty

Mitzi started her professional life as a high school social studies teacher. She and her husband Jerry then served cross-culturally for ten+ years, living abroad first in India and then Kurdistan, N. Iraq. In addition to being a Spiritual Director, she now serves as a Formation and Care pastor in her local church in Houston, TX. She has graduated from LTI’s Selah Spiritual Direction training as well as LTI’s Emmaus Formational Leadership Program.

Mitzi enjoys engaging conversation, reading fiction, doing jigsaw/crossword puzzles, ocean gazing and exploring the world with Jerry through food and travel.

God has two main callings in Mitzi’s life: to care for those who care for others and to be a guide in helping others have a healthy relationship with the Trinity – recognizing God’s loving presence and activity in their lives and how to faithfully respond.

Selah was a transformative experience for me – allowing the contemplative within to emerge and to beautifully co-exist with my extraverted personality.