Rule of Life | Silencio: Reflective Practices for Nurturing Your Soul, Episode 11

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Matt Scott

We all have a rule of life, a way of living, already. The question is, are we living in response to God’s invitation for us?” – Steve Macchia  

A “Rule of Life” has nothing to do with rules. The best way to translate it is the “way” of life. All of us have a rule of life already at work. The question is, are we living in the way that God wants us to be living?

In episode eleven, we continue to explore the spiritual practices that are at the heart of Leadership Transformations Inc. and have been celebrated throughout Christendom. This week, Steve and Matt focus on the practice of having a Rule of Life. Steve defines a Rule of Life as “Spirit-empowered rhythms and relationships that create, redeem, sustain, transform the lives that God invites us to humbly fulfill for Christ’s glory.” Steve and Matt share how a rule of life will be much more meaningful if we take the time to ask questions about our unique thumbprint and footprint. Our unique thumbprint has to do with the roles and relationships we have, our gifts, our desires, our vision, and our mission in life. Our unique footprint encompasses our spiritual life, our relational life, our physical life, our financial life, and our missional life.

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