Holy Week Interlude

Reengaging the Passion | Holy Week Interlude, Episode 2 (REPRISE)

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: David Vryhof

This is a reprise of the Holy Week Interlude episode 2 which aired on April 6, 2023

Death gives way to life. Not only lived out by Jesus but meant to be lived out by each of us.” – David Vryhof, SSJE

Holy Week is considered the climax of the Christian year. The service that starts on Maundy Thursday continues all the way to the Easter Vigil and is the capstone of Holy Week. Steve Macchia and Brother David Vryhof return to the podcast to discuss how the liturgical worship of holy week very much engages our body with our mind and heart. During these days we recognize the death of Christ that leads to His rising. This process of death to new life is an ongoing conversion process that we are invited to participate in daily. 

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