Jeremy Stefano (Attributes 6-10) | The Heart of a Discerning Leader Episode 8

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Jeremy Stefano

 “Jesus is gentle. Surely those who lead in His name must be typified especially by gentleness also.” –  Jeremy Stefano

A stingy leader is stingy with grace, kindness, gifts, and generosity. A discerning leader is aware of God’s abundance and leads with liberty and graciousness. Jeremy Stefano and Steve Macchia return to the podcast to share five more attributes of the heart of a discerning leader. In this episode, you will hear how a spiritually mature leader is known for his/her kindness and goodness; lives a life of prayer and prayerfulness; exhibits the fruit of the Spirit, especially gentleness; stands firmly on the biblical foundation of justice and mercy and prioritizes stewardship and generosity of financial resources.

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Steve Macchia (Podcast Host)
Founder and President of Leadership Transformations
Steve is the author of The Discerning Life,  Becoming a Healthy ChurchBroken and WholeCrafting a Rule of Life and several other titles. Steve has over 40 years in ministry and two postgraduate degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Jeremy Stefano (Season 27 Guest)
Jeremy offers spiritual direction, leads retreats, teaches classes in spiritual formation and serves as the director of LTI’s Emmaus Certificate in Formational Leadership and the Abide Certificate in Spiritual Formation programs. The heartbeat of Jeremy’s calling is to encourage Christian leaders in the cultivation of their relationship with God. He has served churches as a local pastor, interim pastor and as a visiting Bible teacher in Southern Africa and North America.

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