Michelle Sanchez | Your Discerning Life Story, Episode 13

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Michelle Sanchez

In a racially broken world, what we need for disciples to be is not color-blind, but color-courageous.” – Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez is Executive Minister of Make and Deepen Disciples for the Evangelical Covenant Church, a multiethnic denomination of over 900 congregations throughout North America. She is also the author of Color-Courageous Discipleship book series. As she notes, it’s far better to become color-courageous than to be color-blind. Her vision: follow Jesus, dismantle racism when we see it, and build beloved community by loving one another across our differences. As an African American minister, Michelle has a unique voice to communicate this important message to the Church today. In this conversation she shares how God called her out of her investment banking career into full time ministry, beginning in the local church and now in a strategic denominational leadership position. Find her at MichelleTSanchez.com

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Steve Macchia (Podcast Host)
Founder and President of Leadership Transformations
Steve is the author of The Discerning Life,  Becoming a Healthy ChurchBroken and WholeCrafting a Rule of Life and several other titles. Steve has over 40 years in ministry and two postgraduate degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Michelle Sanchez (Season Eighteen Episode 13 Guest)
Executive Minister of Make and Deepen Disciples, Evangelical Covenant Church
Michelle T. Sanchez serves as Executive Minister of Make and Deepen Disciples for the Evangelical Covenant Church. She is a frequent conference speaker and a regular columnist with Outreach Magazine. With Waterbrook, Michelle is the author of three books releasing in November 2022 designed to provide Christ-centered racial discipleship for all ages: Color-Courageous Discipleship, Color-Courageous Discipleship Student Edition, and the picture book God’s Beloved Community. She and her husband, Mickey, live with their two children in the Chicago area.