Radical Lifestyle | The Discerning Life Episode 09

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Matt Scott

My true home is in Christ’s heart and Christ’s home is my heart. That’s radical!” – Steve Macchia

Today’s episode focuses on chapter nine and the Epilogue of The Discerning Life: An Invitation to Notice God in Everything.  In this conversation we discuss the radical nature of the discerning life, a lifestyle marked by a transformed heart. With God as the Mastermind of the necessary renovations of our hearts and lives, we learn to trust him in all things. It’s important that we remain open to the work of God as we are molded and reshaped by the love of God. When we rest in God and trust him completely, we notice his work in our midst with greater clarity. Let’s say yes to the invitation to follow Jesus, and then discern his presence and power in all things.

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