Aging Faithfully | Discerning God Emotionally and Relationally Episode 06

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Alice Fryling

I want to look back on my life to see what I’ve learned about God and apply it to my life now and in the future.” – Alice Fryling

The aging process is never-ending, and it’s a goldmine for transformation. We have a choice as we age: will we do so selfishly and begrudgingly, or will we age gracefully and faithfully? Alice Fryling offers us wisdom for how best to lovingly give of yourself in the twilight years as we embrace the holy invitation of growing older. If we are vulnerable in our old age, we will acknowledge our weakness and losses, and shift from a transactional to a transformational spirituality. It’s a tipping point with a choice to keep growing in God or hang it up forever.

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