April 1, 2021

Heartfelt Prayers: Hannah Whitall Smith


A Prayer of Hannah Whitall Smith

Lord Jesus, I believe that thou art able and willing to deliver me from all the care and unrest and bondage of my Christian life. I believe thou didst die to set me free, not only in the future, but now and here. I believe thou art stronger than sin, and that thou canst keep me, even me, in my extreme of weakness, from falling in its snares or yielding obedience to its commands. And Lord, I am going to trust thee to keep me. I have tried keeping myself, and have failed, and failed, most grievously. I am absolutely helpless. So now I will trust thee. I give myself to thee. I keep back no reserves. Body, soul and spirit, I present myself to thee as a piece of clay, to be fashioned into anything thy love and thy wisdom shall choose. And now I am thine. I believe thou dost accept that which is present to thee; I believe that this poor, weak, foolish heart has been taken possession of by thee, and that thou hast even at this very moment begun to work in me to will and to do of thy good pleasure. I trust thee utterly, and I trust thee now. Amen.

— From The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith


Behold — Where are the eyes of your heart drawn into this prayer?
Believe — How is your faith strengthened in this prayer?
Belong — Who are you recalling as you pray this prayer?
Become — What is God inviting you to receive and thereby become as you pray this prayer?

Spiritual Brokenness | Discerning God in our Brokenness Episode 03

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Jeremy Stefano

Jesus comes to tend to the broken. No need to feel disqualified or set aside by the Lord because of our brokenness. He longs to rescue us and bring us closer to his heart.” – Jeremy Stefano

Spiritual brokenness begins with acknowledging our basic human condition as ones who are dislocated from God. The pathway to wholeness is paying attention to the ways we have stiff armed God or sought to manipulate him in our own image. We seek to explain him our preferred way, or perform for him in hopes of blessings in return, or we have unrealistic expectations of God and get easily disappointed. Instead, our wholeness comes when we choose repentance, gratitude, a heart of worship, and a reawakened love for God.

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