Whenever I’m asked to remember something or someone in my prayers, I want to be sure to follow through faithfully. Whenever I’ve asked someone else to remember me in their prayers, I’m hoping they will do the same.

But, I must admit…unless I pray then and there, I’m likely to forget. Not because I intend to forget, but simply due to the reality of a very full ministry life. And, who among us isn’t in need of prayer in the moment and on point?

I was in a conversation recently with a friend who was “in the know” about some important information about a mutual acquaintance. As the details were being explained to me, I asked how this was known. “I was asked to pray about it” was the reply.

Cynical me wondered if indeed this inside info was something held onto for sharing at opportune moments. Or, if in fact, the need was being remembered in prayer.

Then, almost like a prick of conscience, I was reminded of additional data about this circumstance…something I was going to pray about! But instead I recited it in the conversation as if it was shared with me “Merely FYI.”

There’s a huge difference between FYI (for your information) and FYP (for your prayers). The former can become chatter, gossip, or worse yet, forgotten. The latter is of far greater importance…prayer.

So, the next time you’re “in the know” about the needs of another, be sure to remember it all in prayer. A mere “FYI” doesn’t come close to the fervent, heartfelt, loving prayer of one saint on behalf of another. And, by the way, whenever I’m asking for prayer please treat it with care…pray and then only share if appropriate; not FYI or even for others’ ears, but for your gracious prayers instead. I promise to do the same!

“The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with” (James 5:16, The Message).

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