Brother Vitalie

LTi Senior VP, Rick Anderson, and I recently returned from our fourth missions trip to Chisinau, Moldova. Previously (until 1990) a part of the Soviet Union, Moldova is still struggling to maintain democratic governance amidst heavy Communist influence, and remains one of the poorest nations in that region of the world. Dominated by the Russian Orthodox Church, the country acknowledges faith but isn’t known for their spiritual strength.

One pastor, however, believes his county is ripe for spiritual harvest. His name is Vitalie Fedula and he’s the pastor of Jesus Savior Church, the largest Baptist church in the country. Brother Vitalie is our host each time we visit and impresses us as a humble man of deep faith and tremendous gifts. In fact, we’ve seen him preach evangelistically, teach enthusiastically, and lead with the heart of a tenacious warrior. Most significantly, Vitalie is our brother in Christ, a loving husband and father, and a diligent co-laborer in God’s Church.

Each time we’ve journeyed to Moldova we are touched by the giftedness of Brother Vitalie. His stories about church life and ministry would stagger those who serve in a North American context. The spiritual needs of the people are captured by the pervasive poverty of soul and land, and Vitalie is ideally situated to use the gifts God gave him “for such a time as this.” His is a prophetic voice, and he leads others into Christ’s Kingdom with regularity. We praise God for this faithful, Spirit-empowered man of God.

As you lean into crafting your personal rule of life, remember that it doesn’t matter where you live or serve, but so much more important that you give of yourself in ways that reflect the uniquely gifted thumbprint of God upon you. Visit and see how others are using their God-given gifts and talents for His glory.

“We all have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us” Romans 12:6.