A Tribute to Sage

This month concludes a marvelous 7 ½ year working relationship with my dear friend and trusted colleague, Mrs. Sage Paik. For the bulk of LTi’s formative years, she’s been faithfully by my side as Executive Assistant and Graphic Designer, as well as Program Coordinator for the Pierce Center at Gordon-Conwell (location of the LTi main office). She’s worn every hat we’ve tossed her way, and she’s completed every responsibility with effervescent Christian graces and a uniquely classy style. Sage is one of a kind and she’ll be sorely missed by all of us, especially yours truly.

I initially met Sage when she was the first of 8 candidates I interviewed in one day for the position she has held ever since. I knew there was something special about this woman of God the moment I met her. She set the bar high and none of the other candidates that day came close to her combination of skills, heart and attitude. She has brought nothing but pure joy to our office ever since. Her love for God and his people, her commitment to the Word and prayer, her tender sensitivities, godly integrity, and fabulous sense of humor set her above the norm and she’s always a leader among her peers.

She waited patiently for her prince charming to arrive and two years ago became the wife of Young Paik, her knight in shining armor. I had the distinct honor of preparing them for marriage and presiding over their wedding ceremony. It’s been a joy for Ruth and I to get to know them as couples, delighting in the love they share for one another. Theirs is a marriage worth emulating, their home a welcome place to weary travelers and servants of Christ, their heart hospitality always a healing balm for the soul.

As we bless and send off Sage into this new season of life and service, we do so with profound gratitude for her loving and faithful encouragement. Her role in our lives and on our team has left an indellible impression, never to be erased or replaced by others…only to be supplemented and enhanced as we build on her legacy of grace.

We all love you, Sage, and will miss your bright smile and contagious presence in our lives. Let’s be sure to stay in touch and remain in close contact in the future. We wish you God’s abiding peace and joy as you move in to new places of love and service in Jesus’ name. We thank our God upon every remembrance of YOU!

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