Advocate for Silence

Who in your world is advocating for silence? Most in our culture do more to avoid, neglect or dismiss the need for silence today. They may not be so blatant about it with their words, but their actions speak loudly…no room to slow down, quiet down, or settle down. For “them” (“you” and “me” too?), an average day is filled to overflowing with relationships and responsibilities from sun up to sun down, all without a single silent pause along the way.
I used to think that silence was only necessary for introverts and/or monks. Now I have come to believe that without silence it’s nearly impossible to live an ever-deepening spiritual life, no matter the age, gender, temperament, or ethnicity.
The values of silence are enormous…learning how to slow down, listen deep, and ponder life in all its richness – the good, the bad, the hard, the easy, and everything in between. In silence we press the pause button long enough to truly listen for the still, small voice of God. In silence, the Word of God comes alive, ready to penetrate the deep fibers of the soul. In silence, we get in touch with our true selves longing to know the true God.
Today I spoke up for silence in our academic community. I gave voice to what the souls of our students are crying out for. It felt good to simply advocate for more spaces to privately meet with God in prayer, to settle into authentic fellowship with a spiritual friend, and heartily foster greater intimacy with Christ.
Spiritual leaders are called to care for the souls of others, out of the spaces, times and places where their own soul comes alive. Silence is a part of the prayer closet experience we all need, so that the soul is properly cared for. Is it time for you to advocate for more silence – for yourself and for those you serve?
Be still (in grace-filled silence) and know that he is God…

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