Ministry born in solitude

“Christian ministry is more than doing good. Ministry is an act of service performed either consciously or unconsciously in the name of Christ. Ministry is Jesus Christ expressing his life through us. It is born, therefore, not in activity, but in solitude, where through the Spirit we experience the power of life from within.”
From Ministry and Solitude by James Fenhagen
At LTi we come alongside leaders and teams and encourage them to prioritize the care of their soul…out of which vitality in service is best experienced. We believe that true ministry is indeed birthed in the prayer closet, where we create the space to meet with Christ and deepen our intimacy with him on a daily basis. My prayer is that leaders everywhere will create the space and carve out the time they need to spend with the Lover of their souls – for indeed Jesus longs to express his life through you. What is the state of your soul today?

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