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Sarah Pascual
Atlanta, Georgia
Emmaus Online 2020-2022

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Bartek Tesluk
Żory, Poland
Selah-Europe 2019-2021

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Marcos Leon
Porter, TX
Selah-West, 2018-2020

Thank you for the Emmaus Fellows Retreat. It was a refreshing time for me. I so appreciate your intentionality in providing this and other resources for the soul care of leaders like myself. It's very much needed. This COVID season has involved endless Zoom meetings and other web events, all intended to help us carry on the work of ministry. I am grateful for those resources. However, no one is really ministering to our inner life as does LTI.

Marcella Charles
Dorchester, MA
Emmaus Fellows (Graduate)

Marcella Charles

While Selah is a training program for spiritual directors, truthfully it is so much more. Selah is really a community, a diverse fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ from various backgrounds and walks of life, some in full-time ministry, others like myself who are lay leaders - who journey together toward the very heart of God the Father, brotherhood with Jesus the son and the continual deepening presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit. My training with Selah has equipped me well as a spiritual director to companion others in their own spiritual formation. Yet the essence of Selah, far beyond books, study, the teaching we received, even practicing with others in my cohort was a result of my own Selah journey into life together with the Trinity - the ongoing, transforming work of experiencing the love, grace, mercy and presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Ann Gemmel
Wheaton, IL
Selah-West 2018-2020

Ann Gemmel

I was unfamiliar with the contemplative movement before Emmaus. Learning to be still before the Lord and take time with Him as the highest call upon my life, brought a new sense of freedom. Prior to understanding some of the contemplative thought that was so well taught through Emmaus, I had unknowingly bought into the lie that the quality of our spiritual life had to do with the busyness of the soul, rather than resting in the Lord and letting Him lead. My pastoral ministry and impact on others has grown greatly through my experience with Emmaus. Now that I am more settled in myself with Christ, I am leading from a calmness from the Lord, rather than the frenzy that led often to the tyranny of the urgent. I have grown in my empathy, prayer life, listening and overall love for God's church through my time with Emmaus. Thank you!

Joel Suozzo
Freehold, NJ
2019-2020 Emmaus MA

Joel Suozzo

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Mitzi Mak

Selah-West Faculty

Mitzi started her professional life as a high school social studies teacher. She and her husband Jerry then served cross-culturally for ten+ years, living abroad first in India and then Kurdistan, N. Iraq. In addition to being a Spiritual Director, she now serves as a Formation and Care pastor in her local church in Houston, TX. She has graduated from LTI’s Selah Spiritual Direction training as well as LTI’s Emmaus Formational Leadership Program.

Mitzi enjoys engaging conversation, reading fiction, doing jigsaw/crossword puzzles, ocean gazing and exploring the world with Jerry through food and travel.

God has two main callings in Mitzi’s life: to care for those who care for others and to be a guide in helping others have a healthy relationship with the Trinity – recognizing God’s loving presence and activity in their lives and how to faithfully respond.

Selah was a transformative experience for me – allowing the contemplative within to emerge and to beautifully co-exist with my extraverted personality.