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Silencio is a free monthly resource designed to guide you through a guided, contemplative practice written by various members of the Leadership Transformations Team. 

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Silencio: Reflective Practices for Nurturing Your Soul
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22 LTI Team Authors | 365 Pages Filled with Nourishment
52 Weekly Reflections | 12 Reflections Focused on the Church Calendar
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365 pages to nurture your soul
The Leadership Transformations team of 22 writers has assembled a year-long collection of soul-enriching reflections. Using Silencio as your guide into the life you long to live will be transformative for you and all who join you.
This collection features 52 weekly reflections and 12 additional ones to accompany you in the church calendar. Each chapter contains an introduction to the theme, a public domain hymn for prayerful consideration, questions to ponder and exercises to practice, as well as a prayer and additional suggested resources.
Silencio is Latin for silence, and often considered the first step into lectio divina, or sacred reading. Silence is the first rhythm of the deepest journey and the place where God often speaks the loudest. In the silence we quiet ourselves in his love and prepare to receive the abundant life offered to us by our loving God.
We know that the need for quiet, spacious encounters with God is universal. In our day of distraction and superficiality, our soul longs for profound, unhindered peace. Rhythms of grace guide us into sacred space in the presence of the living God. This unique resource will contribute to the depth of your soul and the vitality of your service in the Kingdom of God through the slow, steady, often hidden work of God.
What people are saying
“Silencio is clearly a work of love. I smiled as I read through pages of insight, wisdom, and sound coaching regarding key spiritual disciplines. God’s precious image-bearers are going to be fed richly by Silencio. Read slowly, and experience God’s touch. Highly recommended.” — Chris Hall, President of Renovare

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Silencio Reviews


★★★★★ Excellent guide to living a transformed life in Christ

I love this book for many reasons. It’s put together in a way the reader can easily follow and apply. It includes key spiritual disciplines and practices, giving the reader a clear understanding of each discipline, as well as practical applications for living them out. If you want a resource that will help you live in the image of our Creator, this book/guide is filled with daily reflections to help lead you to sacred soul encounters with Him.

★★★★★ Silencio: A invitation to Intimacy with God

In our fast paced world, we need time to savor, reflect, ponder. Senecio offers a slow paced pilgrimage toward God and self. Read at your own risk: you may find yourself transformed!

★★★★★ Easy to use and rich in content

The monthly Silencio offerings have been a vital spiritual formation resource for years and this book is a wonderful enhancement and compilation of many of these treasures. Great for personal devotion and small groups. Easy to use on a 365-day basis but flexible to adapt for other uses as well. We all need to take more time and make more space for reflection and listening to God and allowing God’s amazing grace and transformative love into our souls. This book helps make it easier to enter into such a practice. An invaluable team resource from a remarkable team of authors!

★★★★★ A Treasure Trove of Testimonies about the God we meet in Silence

The authors of these reflections speak about God from personal knowledge of meeting with him in silence. When they write about a topic, you can tell that they are describing something they know from experience. They describe what it’s like to seek God through spiritual practices and in the rhythms of everyday life. This makes the reflections engaging, inspiring, and practically helpful. I appreciate these very much and I recommend this book to anyone on a journey of seeking God in silence.

★★★★★ An Excellent collection of spiritual practices and reflections

I think very highly of the team at Leadership Transformations, and am glad that they, under the leadership of Stephen Macchia, have produced this excellent resource. It’s rich with good questions for reflection, and wise practices to engage. Get yourself a copy!

★★★★★ A great way to combat the “noisiness” of life

What an amazing and well put together book to help us nourish our souls with quiet and self-reflection. We can be our best selves and there for others when we nurture our inner lives. Silencio helps us do just that. Kudos to the Leadership Transformation Team and Stephen Macchia. This book is especially appropriate for the often harried holiday season – even the cover and aesthetics are calming. Thank you!

★★★★★ A Year’s Worth of Reflections for a Lifetime of Formation

Drawing from the depth of Leadership Transformations’ team’s insights released singly over the years, Silencio brings them all together in a one volume, allowing readers to return and reflect, to ponder and savor their collected wisdom.

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