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Questionaire About Church Growth

Questionnaire About Church Growth — Asking The Right Questions

In conducting a questionnaire about church growth, it's imperative that we ask the right questions. There is nothing wrong with wanting to grow, but is growth the point in and of itself? Are we more concerned about church growth or church health? That's a key distinction.

Health is about quality whereas growth is about quantity. Monitoring and improving the quality (health) of our ministry is a stewardship responsibility that God has entrusted to us - and a questionnaire can be very helpful evaluation tool.

The desire to increase the quantity (growth) of our ministry, which often carries with it some hazardous ego implications, is better released into God's sovereignty. The reality of whether growth or health is our true pursuit has a dramatic effect on the types of questions we ask and how we measure our progress.

Questionnaire About Church Growth — Focus on Church Health

In conducting a questionnaire about church growth, our recommendation is to focus on church health. Growth is a natural byproduct of health but health is not necessarily a byproduct of growth. Therefore, pursue health and growth will follow. When measuring your church health, the use of an objective third party measurement tool is best to prevent a personal bias or agenda from influencing the results. We're passionate about empowering the local church to experience organic growth by making health their priority. We also believe strongly that the pursuit of health is a process that can be owned by the church leadership, without the necessity of a church consultant. For this reason, we have created a church-driven online tool to allow you and your leadership team to monitor and track your own church health through informative data and healthy dialogue. While we'd love to see your church grow, our true goal is to see your church be healthy and vibrant. If you're looking to design a questionnaire about church growth, follow the link below for more information.

Looking for a questionnaire about church growth, click here.

"The CHAT church survey really stands out. I like how CHAT identifies your church's strengths, involves every member, is easy to take online, and offers highly-readable results. What a great tool to assess where you are, fill people with hope, and together discern God's will for your future."

Kevin Miller
Executive Vice President
Christianity Today International, IL

"Steve Macchia is at it again. His burning passion to see churches achieve maximum health has taken the next step. CHAT (Church Health Assessment Tool) provides churches with an easy-to-use look at themselves that could move many congregations toward the health that Steve (and, more importantly, the Spirit) envisions."

Larry Crabb
New Way Ministries, CO

"Without a doubt, one of the greatest needs of a large number of churches in America is to become more healthy. Leadership Transformations' new CHAT survey should be a great help to all who use it. It is a joy to recommend it to you!"

Paul Cedar
The Mission America Coalition, CA

"The spiritual transformation of the body of Christ begins in the hearts of our Leaders."

Steven A. Macchia
Founder and President