Slow down. Be more.

A transformed leader means a transformed organization.

Our mission is the spiritual transformation of leaders and teams. Transformation takes place over time, but the internal condition of the leaders’ soul must be right. The greatest transformation comes during times when we quiet ourselves long enough to listen attentively to God, to one another, and to what’s stirring in our own hearts. 

At LTI, we seek to increase the “attentiveness quotient” within individuals and teams – helping them to become more aware of God’s presence and direction as he forms them more into the likeness of his son Jesus, gives them discernment for the path ahead, and renews their strength as only he can. In all that we offer, our mission is to cultivate vibrant spirituality and attentive discernment in Christian leaders and their teams.

Online Soul Care Events

We offer a number of soul care retreats and workshops to help you tend to your soul from home.

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Here are some resources to help you on your spiritual formation journey.

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