For the past 19 years, Leadership Transformations has remained true to our vision and mission. Despite the winds that seek to extinguish our inner flame, our ministry of soul care for leaders and teams will remain steady.

Let's move forward with unwavering hope...together.

2022 Annual Report

For nearly two decades, LTI has offered the gift of hope to all who cross our path. We believe that in the midst of life’s rapid demands, we can find hope in God. We’ve seen this over and over again in our programs, our relationships, and in ministry offerings. Countless churches, ministries, and organizations have been transformed, and we are deeply thankful.

As you peruse the pages of this Annual Report, we trust your heart will surge with unwavering hope, trusting in the One who plants hope in our hearts each new day.

Your Partnership

See the Kingdom impact of your giving

Partnering with us, you are an advocate for the soul of Christian leadership…their formation, discernment, and renewal.

The impact of your financial and prayer support is clear: Spirit-empowered leaders who are transforming their communities and advancing the kingdom of God.

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Selah-West 2021-2023 cohort

A Message from the Founder and President

Steve Macchia

We are living in unprecedented times. The challenges for leaders and teams today are overwhelming. Many are running on empty. And we meet them every day in our ministry of spiritual nurture for the neglected soul.

Your partnership is essential to ensure that we’re able to extend Unwavering Hope in the days ahead.

Ways to Give


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You may write a check and mail it to LTI’s Massachusetts address

Biblical Stewardship and Integrity

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donor partners, prayer, discernment and the conservative funding approach of our leadership team, each year we have not been burdened by “red ink.”

As donors to Leadership Transformations Inc., we believe it is important for you to know the following financial integrity priorities which have both guided and sustained LTI since its inception in 2003.

Revenue Sources

Annually, our goal is to have 50+% of our income generated from our programs and services, with the remainder provided by our donor partners.

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