Directory of Spiritual Directors

Listing of Spiritual Directors

For those seeking spiritual direction, LTI provides a listing of people who have received a Certificate of Completion of training in LTI’s Selah Certificate in Spiritual Direction Program.

The spiritual directors in this listing are “trained” spiritual directors, not “certified” spiritual directors (there’s no certifying oversight body in the U.S. so claims of being “certified spiritual directors” are misleading). Because there’s no certifying body, the only guarantee we may make is that those listed here have completed their training in good standing, with some measure of discernment as to their desire and call to offer the ministry of spiritual direction. Confirmation of that call is granted by the Holy Spirit, and is experienced through the Spirit’s work in the director and their practice in the context of the community of faith, and ultimately only you and the director will know if you are a good match for each other. 

The directors listed under the Category “Committed to Selah’s Shared Rule of Life” (listings highlighted with light grey background) have made the additional commitment of adopting our shared Selah Rule of Life for the nurture and integrity of their spiritual direction ministry practice. This includes receiving ongoing spiritual direction and supervision themselves, attending at least one retreat or conference each year that nurtures and refines their call as a spiritual director, and making an annual assessment of their direction ministry practice and life.

Several of our Selah graduates are also members of wider networks of spiritual directors. These organizations maintain lists of their members, and you will find additional spiritual directors listed there:

Each person listed here is individually responsible as a solo practitioner, and not employed by LTI in their role as a spiritual director. By accessing and using this list to connect with a spiritual director, you understand and agree that LTI is in no way responsible for the acts, omissions, or services of any of the members listed, and we make no guarantee that any individual here will be a good match for you. 

This list is intended to help you connect with a spiritual director. Please do not use this for any other purposes.

If you wish to focus your search according to a director’s name, location, or denomination, you may click through this “sort by” box. Otherwise all entries are simply listed alphabetically by last name. Click on the name or photo for each spiritual director’s full bio.  

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