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“The spiritual discipline of remembrance is biblical, historical and simply good for the soul.” – Steve Macchia

The spiritual discipline of remembrance is biblical, historical and simply good for the soul.

God leads the way in this regard.

Recalling the goodness of each day of creation, in Genesis 1 he “sees what he made as good” and then on the seventh day he rests to notice the fullness thereof.

He instructs his people in the ten commandments (Exodus 20) to “remember the Sabbath day” by keeping it holy. He instructs his people to place “rocks of remembrance” in the Jordan River (Joshua 4) as symbols of God’s protection over them as he miraculously opened the sea for their safe passage.

The pinnacle moment of remembrance surrounds Jesus and his ministry among his disciples and followers. With bread and a cup in his hands, he gently invites his closest friends to dine with him. Then, he instructs them to do likewise “in remembrance” of his sacrifice for their redemption.

Each time we gather at the Lord’s Table, we do so in order for us to “remember and give thanks” for all that Christ has done in our behalf.


Because we are a forgetful people. We are living at breakneck speed.

We are filling our days with as much to do as possible. We are noisy, busy, constantly in motion. When we travel at 70 mph, there is little we can see along the way. The roadside glimpses of life are few and far between.

As a result, we lack the ability and discipline to remember and give thanks.

This Memorial Day is all about remembering and giving thanks for those who have offered their lives for the sake of our freedom. Their sacrifice provides our liberties. Without those who have gone before us, we would not be living in the society we enjoy today.

So, as you pray this weekend and offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, practice praying words of thankful remembrance. Thank God for the gift of life, be grateful for those who accompany you in this life, and especially thank the Lord for those who have served in harms danger so that the freedom we enjoy can be preserved for this and future generations.

Remember and give thanks. It’s good for your soul.

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