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“The beginning of a new year is an ideal time for pressing the pause button and reflecting on your life with God and others.”

With January coming soon to a hard stop, I’m curious if you have had time to do some prayerful examen this month. The beginning of a new year is an ideal time for pressing the pause button and reflecting on your life with God and others. Truth be told, it took me about two weeks into the month before I had the space and time to engage in the spaciousness of examen for which I was hoping. Once I took the time, I found it incredibly fruitful for my soul.

Here is a snapshot of what I did.

FIRST, I reflected back on the year 2018. I noted the highlights, the hard times, the special occasions, and the key people of the year. I focused mostly on where God had encouraged me personally, professionally, and spiritually.

I recalled with vivid recollection the birth of our granddaughter, Brenna Lynn, which was by far the number one gift of 2018.

I looked back on photos of some special occasions, travels, holidays, and the beauty of God’s creation. I wrote out some of my emotional highs and lows and concluded with a prayer of thanksgiving.

SECONDLY, I noted the themes of the past year that meant the most to me, including some of the topics I was researching and writing about, some of the books I had read, the ideas and concepts we have considered at LTI, and the themes I had been journaling about throughout the year.

I found this to be refreshing and thought-provoking, as well as noteworthy for what I felt was either complete or still in process. Processing my capacity to think, pray, distill, write, and reflect is a worthwhile endeavor.

THIRDLY, I looked ahead to 2019. What are the dreams and aspirations for the year ahead? Are there any notable goals or objectives for my personal or ministry life? Any key words stand out that would be helpful to focus on in my prayers, relationships, and personal growth?

This was a productive exercise in many ways, and I found myself looking forward with growing anticipation for the months to come. There is such joy in the anticipation of experiences on the horizon.

FINALLY, I prayed into all that I had reviewed about the past year, as well as my longings and desires for the year to come. I thanked God for the special people I’m sharing life with these days, in my family, friendship circle, ministry partners and collegial associates across the country. In my prayers I thanked God for each person, prayed over those with whom I am most concerned, and entrusted names and faces into the hands of our loving Father. It was a great reminder of the importance of community and the encircling of love with others.

This is just one example of a year end – year beginning examen.

Perhaps yours looks similar, or even quite different.

My hope is that you were able to find some time to devote to a serious examen and if not, that you’ll still consider doing so. It’s never too late to look back with gratitude, notice your emotional responses, thank God for his many gifts of grace, and look ahead with growing anticipation and joy.

In closing, if we can be of help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. The LTI team is committed to come alongside you in your spiritual journey. We have lots of great material available at our spiritual formation online store to assist you in your daily spiritual journey and your life of servanthood and leadership. “Slow down. Be more.”


PS – Register for the upcoming half-day Soul Sabbath on March 15 from 8:45AM- 12:30PM in Winchester, MA. This half-day retreat is themed Sheltered in the Shepherd’s Care, and will include a time of morning reflection, listening to God’s voice and responding together from our hearts.

Soul Sabbath


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Steve is a graduate of Northwestern College (IA) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div. and D.Min.). His prior ministry includes serving on the pastoral staff at Grace Chapel (Lexington, MA) and as president of Vision New England. Since July 1, 2003 Steve has served as founder and president of Leadership Transformations, director of the Pierce Center for Disciple-Building, and adjunct faculty in the Doctor of Ministry department at Gordon-Conwell. He is the author of sixteen books, including The Discerning Life (Zondervan Reflective),  Baker bestseller Becoming a Healthy Church, and Crafting a Rule of Life (IVP). He lives in the Boston area with his wife Ruth and is the proud father of two grown children, Rebekah and Nathan, daughter in-love Ashley, and papa to his beloved granddaughter, Brenna Lynn and twin grandsons, Aiden Joseph and Carson Stephen. “My soul comes alive singing the great hymns of the church and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. I’m in awe of God for fulfilling the dream for LTI that he birthed in my heart, for the team he has assembled, and the transformational impact experienced in the leaders and teams we serve.

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