Pastoral Reflections | A Process for Discernment, Episode 5

Host: Steve Macchia

We get into conflict related to discernment because there are those around the table of discernment who don’t want to be patient with the process.” – Steve Macchia

So often we are confronted with environments that are not going to be very friendly to a prayerful process of discernment. In order to find the fullness of God’s design for us we may need the help of another. This ten-phase process (that has been used by the church for generations) can be your help. In this final episode of season 25, Steve shares pastoral reflections on the entire process of discernment. Drawing upon decades of ministry experience, Steve reminds us how crucial prayer is throughout the complete discernment process. Steve recounts how crucial it is we have the right people involved – those who have a heart for God and are more committed to the process of discernment than their own preconceived ideas. 

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