A Living Companionship | 40 Days of Discernment, Episode 6

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Matt Scott

 “How powerful it is for people to let each other emote and not get in the way of what the Spirit of God is doing and let God do His work” – Steve Macchia

In this concluding episode, Steve and Matt share what it means to be present to God and to one another. When we listen to one another well our goal is not to fix, judge or necessarily say something helpful. Instead, we offer our attention and our presence. We make space for the trinity to do the work of healing and restoration. Steve and Matt share what this looks like in leadership teams and in personal relationships. A practical application we can take from this week’s episode is to ask the people around us “am I companioning you well?” In listening to their experience of us, we can learn a lot on how to be good spiritual companions.

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