A Broken Body | 40 Days of Discernment, Episode 3

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Matt Scott

We are to be peculiar people in our grace, our mercy, our kindness, our love, our forgiveness, our reconciliation – that’s the peculiarity of the church.” – Steve Macchia

Sometimes we think the church is perfect. We wish it were. But the church is not perfect. The church is comprised of broken people. In this episode, Steve and Matt walk us through the third week of our forty-day discernment journey. This week’s readings from The Discerning Life center on how we can become aware of our personal brokenness which contributes to brokenness in the body of Christ. Steve shares that “the broken me ends up contributing to the broken we.” We need to release an expectation of perfection from one another and adopt a posture of saying, “Lord, have mercy” first on me then on us collectively. We end by asking what can we do today to be a positive life-giving experience in the body of Christ?

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