Daily Examen | Spiritual Praxis, Episode 4

Host: Steve Macchia

In order for us to be watchful and waiting, we need to be patient.” – Steve Macchia

Noticing God in everything is what fosters a discerning life in Christ. Within the realm of reflection is the ancient practice of Examen. Created initially by St. Ignatius in the 16th Century, it’s found new life in the modern spiritual formation movement. Here Steve Macchia unpacks the discipline by walking through the five big areas of Examen:

  1. Aware of God’s promised presence
  2. Review the day with gratitude (what gifts did you receive?)
  3. Pay attention to our emotions about the day
  4. Pray into one feature of the day that you are highlighting in your reflection
  5. Look toward tomorrow with prayerful anticipation and perhaps even a particular action 

He also introduces a handful of additional questions for individual or group reflection. 

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