Lectio Divina | Spiritual Praxis: Exploring Spiritual Practices, Episode 1

We need to be biblically centered in our personal spiritual practices.” – Steve Macchia

In Season 20 we will focus on four spiritual practices: Lectio Divina, listening prayer, reflective journaling, and daily Examen.  Steve Macchia is fluent in these practices, having made them an essential part of his regular prayer closet experience as a beloved child of God. He believes firmly in the need for us to keep the Scriptures central to all aspects of our personal devotional practices.  Many of us are taught to study the biblical text in order to teach, preach, or share it with others. But, in our prayer closets we are invited to simply receive God’s Word as a gift for our soul. Here we are fully present to the movement of God’s Spirit, attentive and receptive to the living Word of God. The six major historical movements of Lectio Divina are presented here: Silencio, Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, Contemplatio, and Incarnatio.  

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