Shame on You: The Power of Shame Upon the Soul | The Discerning Leader Podcast: Rewind, Episode 2

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Adele Calhoun

Shaming voices have the power to cripple us. They isolate us from the truth about ourselves and others.” – Adele Calhoun

This episode originally aired on 09/23/21 in Season 14 – Discerning God Emotionally and Relationally (Episode 1). Shame is universal. It’s been with us since Adam and Eve hid from God after succumbing to the shaming voice of the devil.  How we deal with the shaming voices of our past will either set us free to live more abundantly, or will keep us crippled by their falsehood. In today’s episode, Adele Calhoun offers great wisdom and truth about the importance of knowing and naming the shaming narratives of our lives, and invites us to embrace practices that will lead to redemptive healing. Trust Jesus with your shame. When we are even at our worst, He comes to set us free. 

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