Toxic Relationships | The Discerning Leader Podcast: Rewind, Episode 1

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Gary Thomas

The Christian life is about an abundance of good fruit. We must walk away from toxic people in order to preserve that good fruit.” – Gary Thomas

This episode originally aired on 10/21/21  in Season 14 – Discerning God Emotionally and Relationally (Episode 5). Gary Thomas speaks to a glaring issue today: dealing with toxic people. He says, “Before you walk away from your ministry, try walking away from toxic people first.” We need to learn how to play defense, to protect what God has planted in our hearts and in our service to others. When we invest so much of our energy on toxic relationships, we lose sight of God’s missional call to build up the Kingdom. There may in fact come a time when it’s simply best to just “walk away” and maintain your focus on Jesus and his mission. Be wise. Say no. Turn away. Be free.

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