Debby Mills | Your Discerning Life Story, Episode 8

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Debby Mills

Debby, you are a peacemaker, but you are deeply troubled.” – Debby Mills

Growing up, Debby Mills became disillusioned with the church but never gave up on God. And he never gave up on her. In her professional career and her family life, Debby naturally serves from a belief that every life matters to God and should therefore matter to us. As an adult, she was baptized and confirmed in her local church, which led her into a deeper exploration of faith. Her involvement with LTI’s Emmaus program was personally restorative, which led she and her husband into leading soul hospitality groups in their home. The Mills’ are volunteers with Hospitality Homes, an agency that provides free space for family members of those who are hospitalized. Additionally, the ministry of racial reconciliation has been birthed in Debby’s heart and has led her into service opportunities designed to bring justice and wholeness to all.

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Steve Macchia (Podcast Host)
Founder and President of Leadership Transformations
Steve is the author of The Discerning Life,  Becoming a Healthy ChurchBroken and WholeCrafting a Rule of Life and several other titles. Steve has over 40 years in ministry and two postgraduate degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Debby Mills (Season Eighteen Episode 8 Guest)
Debby’s professional life included 20 years working at a global financial institution in Boston and Sydney, Australia. She also worked several years as a non-profit consultant and describes herself as a “serial volunteer.” Since 2006 Debby and her family have also hosted family members of patients receiving medical care at local Boston hospitals through the non-profit Hospitality Homes ( Debby and her husband Graeme have been members of their church for over 20 years, currently serves as co-chair of the church’s outreach efforts and leads discussions on issues related to race. Debby has participated in numerous Leadership Transformations Inc. offerings which have deepened her faith.