Creative Expressions | Discerning God at the Pace of your Soul Episode 02

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Tara Owens

As much as we think we’re not, we’re heavily defended against God; we have a lot of walls up, but creativity sneaks around those walls and opens us up to God.” – Tara Owens

Tara Owens, founder of Anam Cara (which means soul friend, coming alongside another in spiritual friendship), shares about how we deepen our affection for God through creative expressions. God is a creative God…he could have made just one kind of flower or one kind of grass, but he chose to be creative instead. Jesus celebrated children as representatives of the kingdom of heaven, for they are the ones who innocently play and joyfully create. What are the creative outlets that enhance your prayerfulness and your fruitfulness as co-creator with God?

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