July 29, 2021

Heartfelt Prayers: Receive Grace


Receive Grace

O God, seeing as there is in Christ Jesus an infinite fullness of all that we can want or desire, May we all receive from him, grace upon grace; grace to pardon our sins, and subdue our iniquities; to justify our persons and to sanctify our souls; and to complete that holy change, that renewal of our hearts, Which will enable us to be transformed into the blessed image in which you created us. O make us all acceptable to be partakers of the inheritance of your saints in light. Amen.

— John Wesley


Behold — Where are the eyes of your heart drawn into this prayer?
Believe — How is your faith strengthened in this prayer?
Belong — Who are you recalling as you pray this prayer?
Become — What is God inviting you to receive and thereby become as you pray this prayer?

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Group Discernment: When and Why | Discerning God in Community Episode 04

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: David Vryhof

Prayerful listening together is essential for us to know what we are to do and who we are to become in this season of life and ministry.” –David Vryhof, SSJE

The Good Shepherd loves us and desires to lead us, for as we listen to God, we join him in his longings for us. But we need to be intentional about this pursuit of learning how to listen to God individually and collectively. From an attentive posture we then discern God’s affection for us as well as his intentions for us as his beloved ones. Each member of the group needs to share the priority of listening together to God and one another, otherwise it’s a bumpy road. Once the question(s) are clarified, asking God first will lead us smoothly into discernment as a team.

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