Discerning God at His Pace

Setting Out: God Walk 1 | Discerning God at His Pace Episode 03

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Mark Buchanan

I’ve always been in a rush and it’s not served me well for my deeper formation.” –Mark Buchanan

God invites us into a life of receptivity and grace, walking with God as he companions us at his pace: 3 mph. As we seek to resemble Jesus, we need to learn how to slow down our fast-paced lives. Here we discover so much more about his faithful affection for us as his beloved children. As we walk with intentionality and purposefulness, we are embodying life as a pilgrimage. Only when we pace ourselves appropriately will we experience our genuine quest to encounter God. God Walk is a sequel to The Rest of God, both written by our special guest, Mark Buchanan.

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