Physical Brokenness | Discerning God in our Brokenness Episode 02

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Susan Currie

On the night we learned the news about my cancer, my husband and I went to a concert in Boston and I wondered, ‘Surely, I’m not the only one in this vast hall who has cancer.’” – Susan Currie

Susan Currie was surprised to discover she had stage three colorectal cancer at the young age of 50. Her doctor outlined the year-long plan for dealing with it, comforting her with the words “this can be cured.” Chemo, radiation, surgery, and additional treatments and therapies left her sidelined from her daily routines. But God comforted her fears and made himself lovingly accessible throughout her physical brokenness. The intimacy of God’s abiding presence carried her throughout, with the Scriptures, prayers, and loving family helping her to persevere.

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