Framing | Discerning Our Personal Rule of Life Episode 02

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Tom Griffith

“There is no arrival in this world, but to have a great relationship with God the Father, and when we listen to God, we begin to meaningfully live our rule of life.” –Tom Griffith

In Macchia’s Crafting a Rule of Life, we are learning how to live intentionally for God. A healthy, flexible, and fruitful rule of life needs to be articulated rather than assumed. Discovering how best to frame a personal rule of life begins with prayerful attentiveness. Our roles need to be defined and clarified, in order for our relationships to be prioritized. Our gifts, personality, strengths and temperament display the unique and mysterious way God creates us as individuals. Our passions, vision, and mission inform how we fulfill a God-blessed life.

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