In The Lingering Light | Discerning God in Seasons of Suffering Episode 02

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Cynthia Fantasia

Remember that the present loss doesn’t override the richness of the past. We had 45 years of amazing memories and 3 years of sickness and suffering.” – Cynthia Fantasia 

In the Lingering Light, written by our guest Cynthia Fantasia, provides courage and hope for the Alzheimer caregiver. After a delightful 45 years of marriage and family life, everything changed with Bob Fantasia’s Alzheimer’s. Were it not for a community of friends and family members coming alongside Cynthia, life would have been dark and foreboding. Ambiguous grief – the loss of someone who is still alive but in a different state of mind – can be debilitating. But, a strong faith, deeply forged in community, unleashes the sustaining presence and power of God.  

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