Suffering and Surviving | Discerning God in Seasons of Suffering Episode 01

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Cynthia Fantasia

“I determined to live on the other side of eternity as a caregiver for my beloved husband as he suffered through his terminal Alzheimer’s disease. My goal was to preserve his dignity and my sanity.” – Cynthia Fantasia 

Discerning God’s presence and power during times of suffering and heartache can be challenging.  It’s nearly impossible without having others in your community to help direct you back to the truths that you know, but have gotten muddled in the midst of the suffering. Our guest, Cynthia Fantasia, tells her story of coming alongside her beloved husband as he suffered for 34 months with Alzheimer’s disease.  For both of them, this was the fulfillment of their “for worse and in sickness” side of their wedding vows, persevered through raw, faithful love.  

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