The Church Today | Discerning the Spiritual Health of the Church Episode 01

Host: Steve Macchia

“I want to caution us against being so enveloped by the culture that we forget the real purpose of the Church. What does it mean to be a spiritually healthy family of God today?” – Steve Macchia

It’s challenging to be the church today. There is so much antagonism against who we are and what we stand for. So many issues and isms that envelop our culture. But, we believe in the central role of the Church today. And, it’s Leadership Transformations’ desire to serve as seed bearers of hope for the hearts of God’s people. It’s too easy to sit back as a critic of the Church, with cynicism and skepticism on our lips. Instead, we invite you to reconsider the soul of the Church and do everything possible to invest in the health and vitality of the body of Christ.

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