Resting | Discerning God in Sabbath Rest Episode 03

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Susan Currie

You have been set free (in God), so keep the Sabbath! This is what Sabbath rest is all about. We don’t want to lose our memory for tasting the goodness of God.  – Susan Currie

God’s loving invitation and specific commandment is to Sabbath rest – for all. The people of God were ushered into the Promised Land and reminded to rest, always to remember their years of bondage in Egypt.  God urges us likewise to live fully and abundantly, in freedom and joy, recalling how we too can let our daily work become bondage for our soul. Our drivenness and constant effort keeps us from refreshing and renewing rest. But, trusting God with heart, soul, mind, and strength will lead us to a restful lifestyle, renewed in the grace of God. 

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