25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas – #22

25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas:

Advent Reflections for those who Wait, Watch, and Wonder Once More

Compiled and composed by Stephen A. Macchia

Promise #22 – the Messiah will be called Emmanuel, God with us (various texts). The promise of the Messiah spans the Old Testament and the fulfillment is laced throughout the Gospels and the New Testament. The focus of the promise is Emmanuel, God is with us…he always has been, is today, and will be forever with us. Not only that, he’s for us. He has our very best interests always in his heart and mind. As we wait, watch and wonder this Advent season, our embrace of the Incarnate Christ child becomes more resolute. On this 22nd day of December, recall the many ways God has been preparing all generations for the coming of Messiah.

O come, O come, Emmanuel (Isa. 7:14)!

Rod of Jesse (Isa. 11:1), free us from Satan’s tyranny victoriously;

Dayspring (Isa. 9:2), disperse gloomy clouds with cheers on high;

Key of David (Isa. 22:22), open wide the path to our heavenly home;

Lord of Might (Isa. 33:22), hold firmly the Law in majesty and awe;

Wisdom from on high (Isa. 11:2,3), invite order on the way to knowledge;

Desire of nations (Haggai 2:7), bind all people in one heart and mind.

Our hymn of praise exalts the heavens and blankets the earth.

O come, O come, Emmanuel…your prophets foretold the truth.

Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace;

Emmanuel has come, is with us now, and will come again once more!

Throughout this holy season, may you and yours…Behold the fulfilled promises of Almighty God ~ Believe the Gospel proclamation of Good News in the incarnate Jesus ~ Belong to those who anticipate the coming Messiah with joyful celebration ~ Become a faithful disciple who waits, watches, and wonders with Spirit-filled anticipation once more!