25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas – #14

25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas:

Advent Reflections for those who Wait, Watch, and Wonder Once More

Compiled and composed by Stephen A. Macchia

Promise #14 – the Messiah will be called a Nazarene (Isaiah 11:1 and Matthew 2:23). There is no disputing the reality of Jesus’ humble beginnings. Prophetically, Isaiah states that he will come forth from a shoot or root of Jesse. Jesse was the father of David, the lesser known of the two. He will be born in a lowly manger bed in Bethlehem and raised in the humble town of Nazareth. Humble beginnings are good soil for the soul, and appropriate for the Messiah. No pomp and circumstance required. Nothing but humility, hiddenness, and holiness. Will the intent of these holy days be to showcase your riches or to generously and humbly serve others in Jesus’ name?

Throughout this holy season, may you and yours…Behold the fulfilled promises of Almighty God ~ Believe the Gospel proclamation of Good News in the incarnate Jesus ~ Belong to those who anticipate the coming Messiah with joyful celebration ~ Become a faithful disciple who waits, watches, and wonders with Spirit-filled anticipation once more!