25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas – #13

25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas:

Advent Reflections for those who Wait, Watch, and Wonder Once More

Compiled and composed by Stephen A. Macchia

Promise #13 – the Messiah will be the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9: 6,7 and Luke 1:32,33). By far the most popular promise of Advent, the prophet Isaiah declares the gifts the Messiah will accompany upon his long-awaited arrival. He is Wonderful and awe-inspiring. He is the Great Counselor of the human heart. He is mighty in every regard. He is the God of all gods; everlasting and faithfully a Father to all in his family. He is the prince of peace and brings reconciliation to all who walk lovingly and graciously by his side. What are the names of the Messiah which mean the most to you today? Worship and adore him with all your heart!

Throughout this holy season, may you and yours…Behold the fulfilled promises of Almighty God ~ Believe the Gospel proclamation of Good News in the incarnate Jesus ~ Belong to those who anticipate the coming Messiah with joyful celebration ~ Become a faithful disciple who waits, watches, and wonders with Spirit-filled anticipation once more!