An Election Day Prayer


An Election Day Prayer

Offered by Stephen A. Macchia


Almighty God, Father, Son and Spirit,

Creator of the ends of the earth, Author of life and light and love.

Today our nation heads to the polls, from dawn to dusk,

To vote for the next leader of the free world.

And the road to this moment in our history has been tumultuous.

Our friends on both sides of the aisle of power have hurt one another. Deeply.

We are no longer a united country, but instead find ourselves deeply divided.

Philosophically. Theologically. Economically. Racially. Ethnically.

We’ve been critical of one another.






Even Combative.

And for this we humbly repent.

Tomorrow we will awake with a newly elected president,

And half of us will be disappointed, disgruntled, dismayed.

While the other side of the street will be delighted.

So we will need your Kingly rule in our hearts,

To patiently guide, protect, strengthen and lead us by the hand,

In order for us to come back together as family and friends,




We are desperate for You to reign over our hearts and lives,

As Redeemer of our brokenness,

Sustainer of our blessedness,

Transformer of our belovedness.

To heal our hurts and restore our relationships and regain our equilibrium.

Keep us from temptation to be the rightest, best, and most braggadocios.

But instead to be compassionate, humble, tolerant, tempered and gracious.

Like never before.

Hungry for You. For Your Word. For Your Wisdom. For Your Way.

In this important hour.

May it be so, dear Father, Great Lover of our Souls.

All for Your namesake, Your Kingdom, and Your righteousness.

In our hearts. In our neighborhoods. In our nation. In our world.

In Jesus, our only hope for peace.



Stephen A. Macchia is founder and president of Leadership Transformations, Inc.




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