My Green Patch…of Weeds

green patch


My dad had a green thumb…not sure what color mine is, but it ain’t green.


I’ve been watering this patch of green for nearly a month…each morning and evening. The result: some grass, several dirt patches, and lots of random weeds.


My so-named professional (as in: he gets paid) told me he dug up the area, put down good loam, lots of seed, and necessary fertilizer.  All I had to do was add water.


So every day I have faithfully watered and waited; watered and waited…until my eyes were finally enlightened: “wait a minute, where’s the grass?!”


Too many times in life we think we have all the right ingredients for success…in family, business, church, ministry and in our personal life. But weeks, months, even years later we wake up and realize “there are more weeds here than grass”!


Any part of your life look like this weedy patch today? And you probably think everyone else has nothing but nice thick turf, right? Yup, everyone else looks well groomed, successful, and at the top of their game…and you got weeds.


Well, friend, be comforted today by the reality that life…all of life…has its green grass, it’s brown patches, and lots of weeds. How you handle them is what matters most.


After realizing I was growing more weeds than grass I had a choice: keep watering “as is” or make some changes. My options: do some weeding, add some additional seed and fertilizer, cover the ground from getting too much bright sun, keep watering, remain patient, and wait for the new growth to occur.


What can you do about your weeds today? Prayerfully consider a readjustment of heart, soul, mind and/or strength…the weeds don’t have to last forever. Feed the areas of your life that are good for your soul – read the Word, pray, reflect, enjoy creation, spend time with friends. Weed the areas that need to be removed – remove attitudes and actions that keep you from loving and trusting God. Till the areas that need renewal – consider fresh starts, returning to practices and people that once were life-givers but have recently been neglected.


Your life with God can indeed become less weedy and patchy, if you make the right choices for the sake of the abundance of your soul today.


Behold the Maker of heaven and earth…believe that an abundant life is God’s desire for your patchy and weedy areas…belong to those who daily till the soil of the soul…become vibrant in growth for the glory of your Maker.