Leadership Transformations is 12 Today: July 1, 2015


“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name…” (Psalm 103:1)


On LTI’s 12th Anniversary Day, I’m praising God for his manifold blessings on the ministry of Leadership Transformations, Inc. It’s hard to comprehend that it was 12 years ago today when Ruth and I took the biggest risk of our lives…which has become one of the most amazing steps of our journey to date. God has blessed and multiplied the prayers of our hearts and the work of our hands beyond what we ever thought, dreamed or imagined…praise the Lord, my soul.


So, what are the top 12 blessings of the past 12 years?


  1. Our prayer warriors – those who believed in our vision for coming alongside leaders and teams in the care and nurture of their souls;
  2. Our financial partners – those who have stood by us with their loving generosity and financial support…from one donor to many on the team today;
  3. Our faithful board – those who said yes to serving as our founding board and those who are currently helping us lead LTI into a flourishing future;
  4. Our ministry team – those who God has gifted and called to join the LTI ministry team, Selah faculty, and Pierce Center team – amazing colleagues;
  5. Our retreat participants – those who came to soul care retreats without really knowing what they were getting themselves into…and were changed;
  6. Our program participants – those who have become active in our Emmaus spiritual leadership communities and Selah spiritual direction training program;
  7. Our CHAT partners – those who signed up their churches (nearly 400 churches to date) so that leaders can listen better and cultivate healthier congregations;
  8. Our spiritual friends – those who are in the wider spiritual formation community across the country, with whom we have aligned ourselves in this calling;
  9. Our seminary community – those who are a part of the Pierce Center at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary as well as other seminaries we are serving;
  10. Our regional offices – those who pioneered our LTI ministry presence in places like New England, Colorado, Texas and Arizona, with more on the way;
  11. Our publishing projects – those who trusted our message and published our materials, like Baker Books and InterVarsity Press, as well LTI’s creative efforts;
  12. Our online presence – those who search for all things spiritual formation, looking for materials to deepen their spiritual life and grow as servant leaders.


I look forward to all of our future labors of love for the Kingdom of God with those whom we have yet to meet but look forward to serving in the coming months and years. Today is indeed a terrific day of celebration and joy – and I am filled to overflowing with a grateful heart for YOU, my dear friends and partners in this incredible journey – praise the Lord, o my soul!

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