Taking a Break



It’s been six weeks since my last blog entry. Friends have continued on just fine without my writing contributions. Somehow there’s been other blogs to be read, other thoughts to be considered, other ideas to reflect upon. The world has progressed nicely without my input. Go figure!


I’m going to hop back into the fray of words in the coming week. New ideas are beginning to pop and my contribution to the world of blogs may actually have some renewed focus and freshness once more. I’ve been reflecting on the hardest question of all, “Why?” and clarity is returning once more.


Taking a break from the flurry of writing and posting has been good for my soul. It matters not if anyone else has noticed. I’ve purposed the hiatus and that’s what matters most.


For all who care, there’s more on the way. Thanks for listening as you read. Maybe this will give you permission to press the pause button, take a needed break, yield to a deeper longing, and be emboldened to take on a new direction. Life always returns after we rest.


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