Work Matters: Accountability and Assessment

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In all my years of ministry life, I’ve gained the most learning from the

tougher experiences that invite me to discover new insights about myself

and others. As one of my previous supervisors said to me, “If this

person/situation weren’t in your life today, how would you be growing?”

The greatest growth occurs when I’m willing to be held accountable for my

efforts and attitudes in a safe environment of accountable evaluation. The

more open I remain, the more I learn…it’s really that simple. The same

is true for me as a leader: holding others accountable and offering

helpful assessment is always an opportunity for growth.

But, what I’ve also discovered throughout my working years is that most

people don’t generally invite, welcome or appreciate accountability or

assessment. It somehow has this aura of being “threatening” as if one was

going to be inappropriately exposed, evaluated, and/or exhorted for things

done or left undone. The encouraging part of accountability and assessment

has been overshadowed by what feels harsh or burdensome.

However, it certainly doesn’t need to be threatening or treated

defensively. Instead, when held in proper perspective and treated with

healthy balance, both accountability and assessment can indeed become one

of the worker’s best friends. After all, when done in a spirit of generous

love and sincere gratefulness, these can be some of the greatest gifts of

the workplace.

In recent weeks there have been reports of a certain Christian celebrity

who’s been incredibly threatened by what he calls the sin of gossip, but

what his past and current employees are calling outright abuse of power –

on his part. Ranting to his staff about how gossip is being shared

recklessly on social media in a recent meeting, even using one of his gun

collection as an illustration of gossip’s power to destroy reputation, has

created a culture of fear. There is no longer any sense of security or

appreciation in that work setting…it will be interesting to watch what

transpires in the coming months as this unravels. And, far be it from me

to gossip about who this might be!

What is your attitude toward both accountability and assessment? Do you

personally see it as important to your maturity as well as the growth of

those around you? If so, then I invite you to consider offering and

receiving both. With a spirit of openness and a listening ear to learn and

grow as a Christian and as a worker, you will inevitably please and honor

God in all of your daily endeavors.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord,

not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance

from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Col.


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