New Social Mores – Part Three

As I conclude this mini-series on the new social mores of our age, I continue to have growing concern about how we’re communicating with one another. I’m additionally and profoundly challenged by the ways we are handling relationships through our use of social media.

Regarding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…just to name a few…are you asking yourself the question “Why?” about each of these before creating your next post? Do you log every minute, every ounce of minutia, every moment of the day? If so, for what purpose? Unless you are a professional blogger, I see little reason for such incessant activity. As I peruse FB and even contribute to it regularly, I get a check in my spirit when I’m bordering on or entering into the realm of self-promotion, show-boating, and the all-about-me mentality. I recognize the value of keeping appropriate people in life informed about our whereabouts, happenings, updates, etc. but have we subtly crossed the line into creating a culture of narcissism that has no apparent limits? Do all of our “friends” need to be informed or would a piece of the story be better preserved if kept a bit more personal, truly private, and shared with fewer people?

And, what about the bullying going on via emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook? Has kindness simply been thrown out the window and instead we can now relate without any restraint? Or, when there’s “nothing new under the sun,” why are we seeing so many TM (trademarks) next to our “friends” use of the English language in particular ways to market their own products, programs, or promotional campaigns? Is the fundamental value of trust being lost? These are just a few questions to ask about social media…with a strong suggestion to ask “Why?” about your involvements in the various social media settings where you reside. This might simply be the best place to begin.

A few reflection questions to prayerfully consider:
How much are you involved in social media? Are you maintaining an appropriate level of engagement and is it manageable and relationally wholesome? Is your engagement in social media edifying to the Lord and offered as a gift to others? This might be a great topic of conversation for you and your closest friends…who knows but you might just lead a revolution from within the system!

May the Lord continue to deepen your love for Him and may your God-honoring affection be what you contagiously share with others within your reach both personally and electronically. May these new social mores create from within us a conviction for social moorings with strong biblical values that can withstand the social morons who are now surrounding us on every side! Being salt and light in our social media world may in fact call us to a distinctly Christlike way of being with one another…you agree? May it be so!