LTi Celebrates Tenth Anniversary!

July 1 is our Tenth Anniversary as a ministry to the body of Christ. We exist for the purpose of cultivating vibrant spirituality and attentive discernment among Christian leaders and teams. Our vision is for local churches and Christian organizations to be filled with leaders who place spiritual formation, discernment and renewal above all other leadership priorities. It’s been an amazing decade and we give God all the praise, honor and glory!

As I fasted and prayed for leaders and teams that mean the most to me, including our own board and ministry team, I found myself journaling about the myriad gifts that God has generously provided over the past decade. Here is my top ten list:

1. An incredibly supportive wife who was willing to take the biggest risk of our lives when we started Leadership Transformations on July 1, 2003, and for two great children who traveled with us through this journey. I’m profoundly grateful to the Lord for Ruthie, Nate and Bekah.

2. An amazing cadre of individuals who were my initial discernment team, our inaugural start up board of directors, and since then our more formal board and a growing number of gifted ministry team members.

3. Our Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction, which has become nationally recognized as a unique alternative and one that is distinctly Trinitarian, Biblical and Contemplative in design and approach.

4. Our Emmaus Spiritual Leadership Communities, and Certificate in Spiritual Leadership, which has served as my own community of like-minded, like-hearted servants in the body of Christ.

5. Our offerings of one-on-one spiritual direction/coaching/mentoring, as well as Soul Care Retreats, Soul Sabbaths, Spiritual Formation Groups, and consultations with local churches and Christian ministries focused on their specific needs and aspirations.
6. Our generous donor family, without whom we could not be in existence today. Each person on that list is a special friend of our ministry, and their prayers, gifts, and loving support pour courage and hope into our hearts each day.

7. The Gordon-Conwell Pierce Center team and fellows, who are pure joy to know and serve each new semester; we are helping to equip and launch a new generation of godly leaders who will serve Christ worldwide and it’s both satisfying and rewarding.

8. Our CHAT: Church Health Assessment Tool, an online listening tool for leaders and teams who care about the health and vitality of the local church and who desire their community of Christ followers to lovingly and prayerfully impact the wider world with the gospel.

9. Our plethora of resources available in our online “Spiritual Formation Store” – books, devotionals, and articles written by our exceptionally talented team; Touch Points on various spiritual formation topics; Retreat Guides and worship outlines on several important soul care topics; Amazon store with over 150 recommended titles.

10. Our ministry partners who have invited us into their networks as resource partners in our areas of giftedness in spiritual leadership development. These partners include denominational networks, international and national ministries, Christian organizations, and even businesses owned and operated by Christian leaders.

We look forward to the next decade of ministry service with growing anticipation and great hope in the Lord. Thanks so much for your ongoing interest and involvement in the life and ministry of Leadership Transformations.

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